Differences Between Roman Blinds And Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are essentially a variation of the immensely popular Roman blinds. Both the types of blinds serve a similar purpose i.e. to filter the light entering an enclosed space to provide various levels of privacy. Not only do they have the same use, they are quite similar in structure as well. Both the types roll up into reams and roll down to make a solid piece. The basic difference between the two is that while Roman blinds have tiny woven slats which allow the light to seep through, roller blinds have a single piece of fabric and are hence ideal for complete blackout situations. Roller blinds give a business like look while roman blinds are used when more coziness is required.

Differences Between Roman Blinds And Roller Blinds

The fact that both the types of blinds can be used equally successfully on a window makes it difficult for the user to decide between the two. If you are also planning to purchase blinds in Singapore for your window, here is something you need to know to ease out your predicament:

1. Think about the amount of light you want

Consider the way you wish to use your blind. Most important aspect of the functionality of a blind is light control. Think about how much light seepage is acceptable to you with a closed blind. There are many places from where light can seep in. It can be through the fabric, through the edges of the blinds and through the top of the setup. A roman blind with a black lining can serve you well if you need a good level of darkness in the room however for a complete blackout there is nothing that can parallel a black roller blind system.

The next thing to consider is how much view and light can you sacrifice when the blind is open. Roman blinds will cover the glazed area of the window because the way the fabric folds and hangs covers most of the top of the window. A roller blind provides most open area when it is in open position. In fact it is one of the most efficient coverings in terms of the space it occupies when open. It therefore provides a good view and light when in open position.

2. Performance requirements

Are there any performance requirements from the fabric of the blind? The fabric of the blind may be of such a material that it may not suit every space it is being used at. For instance a blind which is to be installed in the kitchen must be made of a material that can be easily wiped off and is waterproof. Besides this, you may also have certain solar requirements from the material of the blind in certain cases.

Cleaning roman blinds in an environment like kitchen can be a real challenge. When you have performance requirements with the fabric of the blind, it is wise to go for a stiffer roller blind. You will come across many manufacturers who offer roman blinds in the material of roller blinds. This makes roman blinds remain in the race even when there are performance requirements from the fabric.

Differences Between Roman Blinds And Roller Blinds

3. Give due regards to look and feel

It is imperative to think about the look and feel desired out of the space where the blinds are being installed. Roller blinds give a more functional and minimalist look while roman blinds are used where the surroundings have more luxurious and soft furnishings.

It is for this reason that most homes in Singapore use roman blinds in bedrooms and living rooms while roller blinds are used mainly in kitchens and bathrooms. Commercial establishments prefer roller blinds over roman blinds. Roman blinds are more used in hospitality businesses such as a hotel or a restaurant where more emphasis is on developing a luxurious interior design.
Roller blinds are more affordable than roman blinds and more customizable too. The only choice that you have in roman blinds is between the wood that is used to make the slats. Roller blinds are known to be tougher than roman blinds and hence they last longer.

The markets are full of options when it comes to blinds for covering a window. It is very important for the user to have a thorough idea of the requirement out of the blind as well as the place where they are to be installed.
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