How To Choose The Right Window Grill Design From HDB?

- Window grills provide security in your HDB
- They also add some architectural details which improve its look
- Go for a design that allows you to express your style, and enhances the security and privacy of your unit.
- Window grills can also add to your HDB’S aesthetics
- You can either go for grill designs that are already available in the supplier shops or have one customized for you.
- A variety of window grills designs are available and it is important to go for the one that will not only provide the best security in your HDB, but also improve its appearance

Window Grill

Here is how to choose the right window grill design for your HDB:

1. Choose the appropriate design

- You can go all creative in choosing your window grill design
- You need not stick to bars and squares which is the norm
- There are a variety of decorative grills available ranging from floral designs, trees, the sun, and even concentric circles

2. Consider your furniture’s design

- Your furniture’s design is an important factor in choosing the design of your window grills
- Geometric patterns, that is, squares, regular bars, and circles are ideal if your furniture is Art Deco.
- If it is classical, the design of your window grills should be more lavish
- Apart from the furniture, your HDB’s style is also crucial in determining the grill design you want to use
- There are a variety of prefinished grids to choose from
- They match with the color of the window frames
- You can choose either vinyl, plastic, wood and metal to allow you to install grids that match with the materials your windows are made of
- Elaborate designs will definitely cost you more

3. Consider the type of windows that you have

- If the windows are of French design, go for window grills that give the true divided light effect.
- The grills will form squares and individual glass pieces will be placed there.
- The grill lets in enough light and it never compromises on security


4. Consider the type of window grill

- The 'between the glass' grill is placed between 2 sheets of glass
- It becomes very easy to clean both the glass and the grill.
- The grill doesn’t also get dusty
- It is also important to 'soften' the look of especially a metallic grill via decoration around it
- For instance, via installing a window box which contains flowers or greenery at the bottom of your window
- The box should be painted with a bright color.
- You can also use attractive shutters
- Inside your HDB, you can hang draperies over your window.
- This frames the metallic grill using soft fabric

5. Consider the security of your HDB

- Wooden grills are easier to break when compared to metallic grills.
- Iron grills offer maximal protection as they are extremely strong.
- It is difficult to break through them.
- You can also go for steel and wrought-iron grills as they are strong, thus offer security.
- They are also available in a variety of designs.
- Aluminum grills are lightweight and if attached to wood, generate less stress on your HDB.

6. Choose the pattern

- The diamond pattern is made up of strong diagonals made from metal or wooden strips
- The diamond pattern contains more metal or wood when compared to horizontal or vertical patterns which makes it sturdier.
- The pattern allows for a variety of decorating styles and it gives your window a softer and more durable look
- Modern concentric circles are ideal for contemporary style
- A nature-inspired pattern, for instance, the sun, flowers, or trees are ideal to portray a love of nature.
- A pattern of simple horizontal bars are a bit formal
- The horizontal pattern is ideal for small and narrow windows
- It makes the windows look larger which improves the outlook of your HDB
- You can also decorate it via having some plants over the grill
- The Morocco pattern best suits your HDB if you have really decorated the unit
- The pattern entails tight curves, open spaces and woven patterns
- It is a bit sophisticated in design and looks great if used with stained glass design
- A wooden pattern makes your HDB look stylish
- It is warmer when compared to iron
- It is ideal to break the monotonous look of a large plain window
- A wooden lattice window grill makes a large glass pane look like smaller frames which undoubtedly improves the look of your HDB
- Floral Patterns are commonly used in living room windows
- The pattern is closely set with an intricate design, making them ideal for decorating the HDB
- If your living room is small, don’t use a floral design as it will make the room look cramped
- Simple bars are ideal for a simple and clean design, especially of your living room
- The bars can be horizontal and widely spaced
- These are cheaper and easily replaceable if damaged

Window Grill Design

7. Choose the Style

- You can choose casement style window grills
- To decorate them, the grid pattern along the sides may come with a small square pane
- You can also have light in every corner, which will then be connected by a longer light at the bottom and top

8. Consider the material your grill is made of

- Aluminum is easily cast, extruded, drawn and machined
- It has a silvery or dull gray appearance which allows you to choose the color you may want to have it painted
- Aluminum is lightweight, durable and rust proof even if it gets into contact with water
- Rain and humidity will not react with aluminum, thus it doesn’t corrode
- Since it does not rust, you need not maintain it via electroplating, painting and galvanisation, as is the case with iron
- Wrought iron is easy to cast and shape
- It is also strong thus provides security to your HDB
- Since aluminum is magnetic, it doesn’t easily ignite
- The window grill design you go for should be one that:
--- Can be easily removed if there is an emergency
--- Whose material is durable
--- Is easy to clean
- Buy dust-proof and termite proof windows
- These protect the grills from dirt making it easier to clean them
- You now know what to look out for when choosing the window grill design for your HDB.
- Remember to acquire them from a reputable and licensed dealer in Singapore
- Only then can you rest assured of high quality grills


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