Nippon Paint VS Dulux Singapore

After construction, the next most important thing for a building is the paint job whether exterior or interior. Painting brings so much excitement to family members as it is their chance to brighten the home but unfortunately the hurried frenzy to complete a painting job leads to costly mistakes. For a good job, you need to realize that painting is not just about dipping brush in paint and stroking away. Much more thought and consideration goes into picking colors, mixing and most importantly, picking the paint.

In Singapore for example, there are many brands of paint for construction work but only a select few make the cut as ideal. Nippon and Dulux are the best paints used because they display unique characteristics even after the paintwork is complete.


Nippon Paint

This is an excellent choice for both external and internal work for the following reasons;

The paint is prepared using a combination of modern science and technology especially in the coating and glossing step to ensure high quality finishing.

Paints are often accused as a reason for environmental degradation but thankfully, Nippon is manufactured minus degrading components that damage the o-zone layer.

Singapore can become very hot in the summer, making residents very uncomfortable. However, something as simple as giving your building a coat of Nippon paint is enough to lower temperatures and keeps you comfortable.

With this type of paint, you have many options to choose from, allowing you to enjoy the display of colors you want without compromising the quality.

Nippon paint is very durable and reliable for long periods of time without unsightly wear. This is because they are made from durable materials that completely attach to the surface for a long-lasting finish.

This paint is preferred as the cost effective option for users on a small budget. Due to its thin surface, Nippon is easy to apply, save paint and money that could have been spent suing thicker options.

Nippon paints are common brands in the Singaporean market and therefore easier to find compared with other options.
Resistant to blistering and peeling.

Fungus, mold, alkali and stain resistant.

The paints are fast drying to allow you settle in quickly and reduce the chances of pain getting on clothes and furniture.
Nippon paints are easy to touch up and easier to clean compared to other brands.

Nippon Paint

Dulux Paint

These paints are probably the fastest selling in Singapore owing to their availability and quality. Ask people about paint for buildings in the country and most likely Dulux will be the first brand mentioned. Here are some reasons why;

The paint has low VOC and odor, making it bearable even for people with sensitive sinuses.

It is environmentally friendly and free from harmful components like mercury and lead.

The paints are so potent; they easily cover hairline cracks for a seamless finish.

Dulux range of paints has strong antibacterial properties as well as mold and fungus resistance.

Unlike other products, it is easy to wash off stains from walls without damaging the paintwork.

The products are environmentally friendly as they are Green label certified in Singapore.

Dulux paints offer an extensive color range to allow users get the effect of their desire with ease.

The paints spread easily and smoothly, allowing you to cover more surface area without using up excess paint.

The manufacturer utilizes latest technology to bring light, enhance space and hide imperfections using a single product.

Dulux Paint

The right paint is frugal to a good effect but sometimes results are disappointing even with the best choice. This is often due to poor practices like mixing and application. For the best results, you should get a certified painter to help you pick true products and identify right colors on the chart. There are many imitations of good products like Nippon and Duluth, which makes and expert eye your best bet at a good result. When choosing paints for the exterior you must pay keen attention to fading, ultraviolet and mold resistance. It really helps if paints are environmentally friendly because continuous damage of the o-zone layer exposes us to serious diseases.

Besides the type of paint, you might want to consider the landscape, surrounding houses and regional aspects to make a color choice that displays your personality and matches the surrounding palette. You do not have to copy surrounding palettes but it certainly pays to try and complement it. Paints come in varying price ranges and you need to make a budget to avoid impulse buying that could become very expensive. Make sure to vet the paint vendor before making a purchase to ensure that they deal with genuine products with warranty to avoid losses.

That said and done you can go ahead to mix the paint and choose the right brush to get the job done. Then let the paint dry and apply another coat if so desired. Professional painters charge some fee but if you cannot do the job yourself, it is a small price to pay for excellence. Do not buy paint that has stayed too long on the shelf as it might be less effective and poor in color. Odorless paints are your best choice for buildings in which people have breathing problems or schools with little children. It is also wise to choose paints that are stain resistant and if possible easy to clean if staining does occur.

Read the product manual carefully so that you mix it with the right products to ensure a true to color, smooth finish. If you cannot reach the physical location of a paint store, just visit their website online and ask questions that you need answered before making the purchase. The online color chart can also help you pick the best color scheme without leaving your house. If using Duluth or Nippon paints the only thing you got to do is cover your precious items and paint away with little to no splattering. Lack of splatter, odor, stain resistant and easy application are the hallmark of high quality paints that make Singapore’s real estate stand out.


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