What Are The Best Kept Secrets About Choosing Curtain For Home?

Curtains are very important for the home. They decorate the home as well as protect the house by shielding the windows. Thus the occupants of the home can feel some privacy. Moreover, they set the mood for the rooms in which they are installed. Various colors have various moods that they inspire. You can use the curtains to set a mood in the house. As such, curtains are a very important part of the home upholstery. Therefore, you should always pick the right ones. Below are a few tips and tricks on how to choose a curtain for your home.


Choose the right fabric and color for the room

The fabrics that a curtain is made of are very important. This is because they determine the durability of the curtain. Moreover, they determine how the curtain looks and arranges when drawn. Very heavy fabric curtains are durable and strong. However, when they are draw, they do not arrange and fold in an orderly manner. Very light curtains can fold and arrange nicely when they are drawn. However, they may not drape uniformly due to their light structure. Therefore, when you are at the curtain showroom, take a sample of curtain that is approximately 2 yards long. Then you can fold up one end of the curtain like an accordion and then lift it up to the window. Observe how it flows, its weight and if it offers sufficient opacity to preserve your privacy at home.

Consider the effect of the sun

When you are choosing curtains for a room that gets a lot of sunlight, go for darker colors. Sunlight makes curtains fade over time. Therefore, if you get light colored curtains, they will fade and eventually become almost translucent. This severely reduces the privacy factor of the curtains. The best types of colors to choose for your curtains are neutral colors. These colors do not fade easily and are more likely to blend in with the rest of the upholstery and furnishing sin your house. Some of the best fabrics to use for your curtains are linen, velvet and faux silk. This is because the silk is very durable and flows nicely when drawn. Moreover, the silk does no fade fast when put in a room that gets a lot of sunlight.

Consider the desired temperature of the room

There are curtain fabrics that are able to insulate a room. They can easily keep out the cold and keep the internal temperature of the room warm. Fabrics that can achieve this include suede, tapestry, velvet and tweed. Hoteliers favor these fabrics for their rooms due to this insulating quality. However, if you strongly desire silk curtains, you can interline them with bump to give them insulating properties. Bump is a fabric that increases the insulating properties of another fabric. It also promotes the longevity of the fabric with which it is interlined. For example, over time, silk curtains rot. This is due to exposure to heat and moisture. When you interline them with bump, they are able to last much longer. Moreover, interlining adds structure, fullness and body to curtains.


Choose the proper length for your curtains

When you go to choose curtains, it is important to first of all determine how much higher than the window frame you want your curtains to begin. Curtain designers recommend hanging the curtains approximately 6 inches above the window frame. This gives an illusion of height in the room. When you measure the window so to go and choose the right curtain for the window length, take your tape measure and get them height from the top of your window all the way to the floor of the room. Once you get this length, add six inches to it.

If you desire that your curtains have a traditional appearance, ad three inches to the total height that you measured. This way, your curtains will puddle at the bottom giving the room a classic look. When you measure the width of your window, it is important to add between four and eight inches to the total width of the window. Afterwards, double the total that you get and have that as the width of your curtains. This is so that they can be full and have structure when they are drawn. If you are getting curtains for a room that gets a lot of sunlight and you desire to block it out, you can measure the perimeter of the window frame and add these to the width of your curtains. This way, the curtains will block out any light that creeps out around its sides.

Make a choice between custom curtains and ready-made curtains
When you are choosing the proper curtains for your rooms, it is important to know which kind you want. If you desire curtains that have all the colors and fabrics that you want, then the best option for you is custom curtains. The main advantage of this option is that all the measurements will be tailor made for your windows and therefore will fit perfectly. In addition to that, custom designed curtains have an endless possibility of designs and fabric combinations. However, custom made curtains are expensive to make. Moreover, you need to find a skilled tailor so as to get the exact results that you desire.

You can get ready-made curtains in upholstery stores, home department stores as well as curtain showrooms. You can buy this type of curtains both in retail and wholesale. They are already made and have various sizes, fabrics and designs. Therefore, you can go and see the option that you desire. After that you can just buy them and fit them into your home. These are affordable and the variety is quite wide. You can find ready-made curtains that will fit your windows effectively for an affordable price.

After you get and fit your curtains into your windows at home, you have to take good care of them for them to last long. If you hang your curtains in rooms that get a lot of sunlight, then you can hang shades behind the curtains. This protects the curtains from the fading effects of the sun.


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