7 Bedroom Design Tips

The bedroom is one of the simplest rooms in the house, and it is at most times overlooked. The first and most basic step to a great bedroom design is to have a well designed and efficient floor plan that will give you the exact look that you want when you enter the room no matter the size of the room or its location.

Here are seven important tips to help you get most out of your bedroom:

Try to keep the circulation in the bedroom on one side only. Hotels manage to do this very well that why most hotels have similar floor plan because it works well and it is simple to design. However, circulation plans is quite challenging in bedrooms that have an outside door or en suite rooms; rooms with a bathroom attached.

To be able to save on space in an en suite room, you should be careful on where the bathroom and the closet is located. If you decide to locate them before the sleeping area, then you will need a longer hall but where the closet and bathroom are accessed through the sleeping area, there will be need for a separate hall as you will be able to make the room look bigger by just adding the circulation space in the room.

All bedrooms feels better when the first thing you see when you get into the room is a nice view just outside the window as opposed to a view that is looking straight to the bed. If you are remodeling your home or designing a new bedroom, you should focus on a bedroom layout that focuses on a pleasant vista; whether it is a beautiful lake, spectacular mountains or just your simple backyard. Any of this view will give your room a nice beautiful touch.

It is good if you can always leave the door of your bedroom open without worrying about its privacy. Avoid designing a house layout in which anyone can look directly into the bedroom from any public place in the house like the kitchen, dining room or even the sitting room. You can put up a small foyer to separate the bedroom from the other rooms.

Connecting the bedroom with outdoors might not be a good idea in all climates but it is a perfect way to make space of the room appear larger as well as access more natural light. If the bedroom is on the ground floor or on the second story and it has a balcony, you may consider adding French doors and they will increase your visual space instantly.

The architecture of your bedroom should take into account your furniture. Most bedrooms have bed walls but what about the TVs, nightstands, dressers, desks and chairs? You should work with your designer or architect to ensure that the space is adequate to fit all the things that you want to put in your bedroom besides the bed and still leave ample room to move around and access the other side of the bed.

Consider locating your bedroom in the corner of your home so that you can be able to put up two windows for more air circulation. This will give you added benefits of softer, natural air and cross ventilation.

Perfect bedroom design takes quite some time, it will require a lot of research, and refining before you can come up with the best design that will perfectly fit your lifestyle. Do not rush to make the design decisions; it will be worth the extra time you will take to just make sure that you have a functional and the best design for your bedroom at the end.

For a good bedroom design, you do not necessarily need an expensive or an overly complex space. A space that will function better, is affordable, will cost less to build and it will be easy and very efficient to maintain. Follow the above bedroom design tips and you can be sure of a fine looking bedroom.