7 Kitchen Design Myths You Need To Know

Are you planning for a kitchen renovation soon? The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in a home; it’s where people gather, share meals and relieve memories. Therefore, you need to keep it in great shape , something remodeling does really well. However, such projects are often a huge investment and it can help to keep an open mind and learn all you can. This may include ditching out several common kitchen design myths that people have about the whole planning process & its outcomes. 

 7 Kitchen Design Myths You Need To Know

Top kitchen design myths to know 

Myth 1: Kitchen improvement is very expensive 
ell, it’s true that your home’s kitchen is the most expensive home improvement you’ll ever renovate, but this does not necessarily mean that you have to dig deep into your wallet to do it or have it done. The trick is to come up with a wish list, then prioritize on the essentials. You should determine the total cost of purchasing new parts, repairing the existing ones and for the installation. That way, you can compare and decide whether to have new components installed or simply work with what is already there. However, it’s sometimes better to buy new ones as this can lessen your overall maintenance cost.

Myth 2: Big is better
A huge kitchen seems really great; what with the large space to place appliances and still move around with ease! Unfortunately, it can be very challenging to work with especially if your appliances are far apart. This is why designers encourage people to go for quality, rather than quantity when it comes to kitchen interior design. A small, well-organized kitchen is definitely much more enjoyable and comfortable to work with compared to a huge, unrealistic one.

Myth 3: It’s difficult to clean stainless steel appliances
Stainless steel does not stain or spot permanently .Many people, however, discard this wonderful material with the simple excuse that it’s hard to clean. The truth is that it simply requires a different cleaning technique. Incorporating stainless steel in your kitchen design can actually bring warmth and a new life as it gleams and looks clean and stylish, no matter the color of your kitchen.

Myth 4: No clutter 
If you ask anyone about their dream kitchen, they will tell you about one with beautiful features, but very few will likely include their clutter. Unfortunately, most of us have items that will not match or fit snugly with our interior design and we will find we need some storage space to cover such items to keep the kitchen looking good. Ensure that your perfect kitchen is not just visually beautiful and well-organized, but also practical. It should meet your everyday needs.

Myth 5: Last minute changes still work 
Most people think that they can add more expensive items or appliances to their kitchen after renovation .However, designers agree that it is best to add all necessary features to your kitchen during, and not after renovation. Additionally, ensure you get ready for any possible additions when the need arises. For instance, your electrical & cable lines should be enough for changes (in terms of location or load).

Myth 6: Wood stained cabinets are more expensive than white painted cabinets 
There’s a general assumption that white pained cabinets cost significantly less than the wood stained cabinets since painting rooms is an inexpensive fix that can apply to most factory finished cabinetry. However, the truth is that painted maple shaker doors are about 10% more than stained maple shaker ones. The reason? Paint for cabinet tends to be slightly more expensive than stain.

Myth 7: No need to hire a kitchen designer
Not all kitchen design projects require an expert, but most homeowners need someone to help them see the larger picture and oversee the project. This includes getting all the necessary components and working within the budget. The key to having a stylish, functional and well planned kitchen design is to work with an expert, and luckily there’s no shortage of them in Singapore. If you can find someone with the knowledge, experience and creativity to meet your project requirements and desires, then you can be assured of getting a kitchen that everyone in your home will be proud of! 

When it comes to kitchen interior design, several rules apply. Don’t let any of these design myths change your personal preferences and desires. 


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