5 Tips On How To Select Curtains For Your Home

Some Singaporeans thinks that the ability to select the best curtains for our homes requires the possession of certain skills and information. Furthermore, some think that the selection activity is a rocket science that can only be handled by specific groups of people. As such, those individuals have always lagged behind in home improvement and interior design. The ability to select the best curtains for our homes is not a complex task and therefore, it is not preserved for specific people. Ultimately it can be carried out by anyone who has the desire to improve the interior of his/her home or office. By acquainting oneself with information on how to select the ideal curtains, a person should be sure to make the selection with ease.

5 Tips On How To Select Curtains For Your Home

Tips on How to Select Curtains for Your Home

1. Consider the measurements

It is always embarrassing to go shopping only to find out that the purchases items are over or under-sized. This is a common scenario during curtain purchase because it is not easy to ascertain the correct dimensions of the curtains just by looking. Before going out to buy curtains, it is important to have an idea of the correct measurements of the windows and doors. This will make it easy to get the correct curtains. Always bear in mind that curtains that do not match the size of windows and doors will make our homes awkward, which causes a lot of embarrassments.

The following procedure has been recommended for use when making the measurements:

· Determine the length between the top of the window and the floor. Good looking curtains should be slightly puddled on the floor.
· Measure the width of the window. A length of four inches on both sides of the window should be added to the width to ensure the fullness of the curtain. The additional four inches on both sides are also vital in blocking any creeping light when necessary.

2. Make decisions on the appropriate styles

There are many curtain styles that a person can find in the market today. Making decisions on the style can be challenging because several considerations have to be made. For instance, the fabric that has been used in making the curtains should be considered because it will determine how the curtains will hang. The fabric may also influence the length that the curtains should be hung. Typically, curtains made from cotton and linen is laid back and they look awesome when they barely touch the floor. On the other hand, silk curtains are ideal for formal settings because they bring a dramatic effect in the room.

5 Tips On How To Select Curtains For Your Home

Different curtain producer employ different styles when producing curtains. As such, a home owner can make the selections by considering the curtain producers.

3. The functionality of the curtains

Before making the purchase, it is advisable to determine the functionality of the curtains. This will facilitate the purchase of appropriate products. Basically, curtains can serve many purposes in our homes. For instance, blinds can be replaced with light-blocking curtains that have insulation. These curtains serve better purpose than the blinds because the insulation reduces the impact of winds. They also prevent cool air from escaping, a feature that will make a room more comfortable.

A person who intends to use the curtains for decoration should consider buying sheer curtains. With reference to the arguments that have been raised in this section, the functionality of the curtains is determined by:

· Their decoration
· The ability to insulate rooms
· The ability to keep off winds
· The ability to block light

4. Fabric

Making decisions about the types of fabric is integral in choosing curtains. The material that has been used on making the curtain will determine the durability and functionality of the curtain. Various materials can be used in curtain making but it should be remembered that not all materials are good. Some bring satisfaction while others will come with frustrations and dissatisfaction. Fabric influences the weight of the curtain. Heavy curtains are not recommended because they will not fold easily. Similarly, curtains that are too light should be avoided because they do not fall well. The material will also influence the maintenance procedures because some fabrics require specialized treatments, which can be costly to a home owner. Ideal curtains should be made from materials that are easy to maintain. They should also be of medium weight. Curtains made from linen, silk, velvet and faux silk have been voted as the best since they can last longer.

5. Color

There is no denying the fact that Color is one of the widely used considerations when making curtain selections in Singapore. When people go out to buy curtains in the market, many already have an idea of the color that they want. In most cases, people use the color of their interior to determine the color of the curtains that they will buy. On the other hand, some base their selection on the items that they own, which may include the furniture. Regardless of the basis that we use to make the selections, it is pertinent to understand that light will fade fabric after some time and thus curtains with bright colors should be avoided. It is advisable to choose curtains that have neutral colors sine they are less likely to fade easily. The curtains are also designed to blend with the décor of the interior.

Other considerations

The five factors that have been described above are vital when making the selections. However, there are additional aspects that may interest home owners. For instance, one may consider the custom window treatments that come with the curtains. The custom treatments enable a home owner to customize the appearance of the curtains. However, the treatments come with a price the buyer may have to pay more for the curtains. Custom treatments may also require a person to book for the production of the curtains directly by presenting a list of features that he/she desires to have in the curtains. All in all, custom-made curtains are awesome!


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