6 Types Of Home Design Styles

Home design is viewed from different standpoints by different people. For some home owners, home design is about simplicity in choosing interior décor styles. For others, home design focuses on creating sophisticated and eclectic interior décor styles by integrating varied colors, patterns, textures, antiques and lighting styles. All in all, home design is about giving a home a unique personality. Such a personality is derived from a combination of home design accessories that demonstrate a degree of simplicity and beauty simultaneously. A focal point, harmony, proportion and coziness also enhance home design. When embarking on home design, the style chosen has an impact on the appearance of spaces in a home. Since there are so many styles of home design that have emerged, one should be well informed about all the styles.

Home Design Styles

This is necessary to avoid making errors when deciding on interior design styles for a home. They include:

1. Modern home design styles

Modern design entails styles that emerged in the 20th century. It was motivated by decorative arts which became popular during this period. It is characterized by very few design accessories hence regarded as very sleek.

Common attributes of modern design are:

· Materials used for interior spaces are steel, glass or metal materials.
· Plastic and natural wood materials are common and preferred more by designers to enhance interior décor.
· Geometric shapes are used along with clean and crisp lines.
· Use of color schemes that are non-complex for decorations.
· Presence of clean lines (smooth curves)

2. Contemporary home design styles

Contemporary design is often mistaken for modern home design but the two are not the same. Contemporary design differs from modern design as it is enshrined on currency. It is basically used to represent design styles that are currently popular. It is not restricted to specific design styles as is the case with modern design. A key feature of contemporary design is the adoption of technology in design. An example is the installation of remote access control systems in homes to perform a range of functions such controlling security systems.

Attributes of contemporary design

· Use of subtle and accent color schemes that add to the aesthetic nature of fittings.
· Use of natural/organic materials for furnishings. For instance, leather furniture enhances the interior décor of a living room.
· Use of contemporary floor designs- porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles and marble.
· Adoption of open floor plan designs to create harmony in all the interior spaces in a home.
· Use of artistic yet simple lighting fixtures.

Home Design Styles

3. Traditional home design styles

Traditional design is often associated with European décor. It is embedded on luxurious fixtures, architectural features and other multiple design elements which are aimed at creating simplicity and comfort in a space.

Attributes that are evident in this design are:

· Presence of finely finished wood (maple, mahogany) that is often dark.
· Deep color palettes are used for furniture pieces while neural colors are used for walls.
· Works of art and paintings convey vibrant shades of colors.
· Focal point is important in this design. The focal point is created by blending furniture with other decorations.
· Wood flooring is common as well as carpeted and tiled floors.
· Presence of antiques.
· A mixture of two or more textures and patterns. Floral patterns are used for fabrics.
· Furniture pieces are curved and tables that are claw footed.
· Velvet and silk characterize furnishings.

4. Modern minimalist home design

In these modern times, minimalism has wooed the hearts of many people with regards to home design. A minimalist home design initially gained publicity in the 20th when modern design came into the limelight. It is enshrined on the principle of simplicity. Generally, it is a simplified version of a modern home design. The simplistic nature of minimalist design leads to a calm and relaxing atmosphere in a home. This home design conveys simplicity in terms of home design elements such as color, materials and space. There is hardly any clutter in a space.

Attributes of modern minimalist home design

· Neutrality in color palettes. Varieties of colors used for decoration do not exceed two.
· Simplicity in furnishings and detailing. Decorations are hard to come by in a minimalist design.
· Living rooms and kitchen areas have open floor layouts that facilitate maximum light.
· Ultra clean lines emphasize a minimalist design.
· The walls are painted using light colors.
· Clear walls with extremely few paintings and artwork.
· Clean floors that are made of concrete or hardwood.
· Minimal furniture pieces that are of light colors.
· A simple space plan. Spaces display clarity in how they are organized. In most instances, the spaces are characterized by limited interior walls and open floor designs. The spaces also have enough natural light.

Home Design Styles

5. Transitional home design style

Home design has continued to achieve uniqueness through combination of different styles. Transitional design combines contemporary and traditional home design styles. A transitional design ensures neither the contemporary design nor the traditional design overpowers each other. The essence is to create a stylistic as well as a calm environment in a home. Design accessories like steel materials and light colored palettes are combined leading to a transitional design.

Key attributes of transitional design

· Warm shades of neutral colors are used to achieve a balance between contemporary and traditional design styles.
· Textures such as natural fiber are used to boost dimension.
· The design makes a home suitable for all inhabitants by ensuring design elements integrated are few.

6. Rustic home design styles

For people who envy a natural look in their homes, a rustic design is the way to go. The materials and finishes used in this design are entirely natural.

Attributes of rustic design

· Furniture pieces are composed of either of the following materials: wood, stone, bamboo, sisal among others.
· Folk-art and antique pieces comprise rustic décor.
· The floor type is either hardwood or stone.
· Evidence of wooden beams.

In conclusion

Home design styles can be overwhelming to choose as they are many and have varied attributes. But the decision depends on one’s needs and interests when creating interior decor. If one wants to achieve style and keep up with emerging home design concepts, a contemporary design fits such a goal. It one’s desire it to have a very simplistic and clean design, a minimalist design is the best alternative.


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