7 Mistakes To Avoid When Installing TV Console

Getting the best out of your top of the range audio/video system requires keen sense to detail. Home entertainment is currently the in thing in Singapore. Compared to when masses would flock into cinemas just to enjoy the latest movies, today more and more people are staying indoors to enjoy their movies. Netflix recently enabled its access across the globe. This means more people will have access to unlimited movies and TV programs. To enjoy the best viewing families will spend more on bigger screens and faster internet. Getting the latest TV console doesn't mean that you will enjoy crystal clear home entertainment. How you set up the T.V and sound system matters too. Here are seven common pitfalls that we find ourselves in while installing home entertainment systems.


Mounting the TV above 8 feet from the floor

Have you ever walked out the entertainment room with a sour neck? If yes then the TV was mounted to high, or you were too far. This practice of mounting your large screen TV high up the wall is quite common in Singapore. No matter how huge the screen the TV is it should be kept at an ample height. Getting a large screen TV can send us into a frenzy of how kids or can damage it while it is near their reach. Take your time and find the suitable height that the TV should be mounted on your wall to save the viewers the agony of aching necks. The sitting arrangement should dictate the height at which we mount the TV. We rarely consider this and rush just to place the TV high up on the wall. In the long run watching movies becomes a traumatizing ordeal for the viewers. Before mounting the TV first look for the ideal position that won't leave viewer writhing with neck pains.

Purchasing the wrong size of the TV

Okay who doesn't love a large screen, we all do. Our love for large screen ends crowding our judgment on how it will fit in the room. A large screen in a small room ends up destroying our viewing experience. The distance to the display is also a key factor when it comes to selecting a TV. Huge TVs have a bad angle viewing mainly because the image is overly stretched. Considering the viewing distance will save you the buyer from a lot of anguish when it comes to viewing the TV. The general rule when it comes to purchasing a TV is that the viewing distance should be 1.5 to 3 times more than the diagonal width of the screen.

Tv Console

Purchasing the TV at the wrong store

This is quite common in Singapore. Buyers just rush to the general store and get their TV from them. Yes, the store might have a dedicated TV category but they aren't perfect. The best places to get the right TV and accessories is at an electronic store. Electronics dealers have invested their time and resources to finding the right TV for their clients. The general store salesperson won't give you in-depth specs of the TV. When acquiring a new TV, you need to be in safe hands, someone who will know what you need. This pitfall is quite common around the globe and we usually with a TV console that we will dislike within a few months. Next time you are looking for a TV rush over to the experts, you will enjoy the results.

Ignoring the room's acoustics

If you haven't paid attention to how you've setup the audio system then its the high time you take note. Each of our rooms has different acoustics. Some materials in the room reflect sound while others absorb. The TV's inbuilt speakers aren't capable of delivering the right sound. You might opt to use a home theater or a HiFi system to deliver your sound demands. One must compliment a good display with great audio ; otherwise your entertainment system will just feel plain. Tons of movies rely on surround sound to deliver the thrill of being part of the movie. Standard speakers will just feel plain and won't give the viewers the intended movie experience the producers wanted. You can look for a home theater system that supports surround sound. Read the manufacturers instructions and they will guide you on how to set up properly.

Install Tv Console

Never researching on which TV to get

The thrill of getting a new TV usually clouds our judgment when it comes to researching. Taking your time to find out which the best current TV will help you in getting just the right TV. Forums are the best places to discovering which TV one should get. Th are tons of forums on the web. You can also visit web stores and read the reviews that other clients have had with the TV. This will help you select just the right TV. Sometimes store owners end up extorting their clients mainly because they don't know the price range that the TV should be in. Researching will help you make an informed decision on which TV console to select.

Never protect the TV systems

This is quite common in Singapore, and the end results are disastrous. Power surges and blackouts take a heavy toll on our electronics. Look for a surge protector that will shield your TV from power surges. To give your TV a longer life one should try using UPS(Uninterrupted Power Systems). In the event of a power loss, the UPS will give the viewer ample time to turn off the TV. This, in the long run, ensures that our TV's life is extended. The UPS also plays the role of a power surge protector. They are easy to find and very convenient.

Using the wrong settings

High definition TV systems demand that we use high-quality video sources. If you buy a TV that supports full HD then watching low-quality channels will appear blocky. You can adjust the color settings to accommodate for this problem. Another way to enjoy low-quality channels is setting the aspect ratio to the best available option. You can also search for the best color settings that will be the best out of your TV.


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