How To Design Your Home With LED Light

LED light can have a big effect on home design. Aside from their obvious effects on lighting, they are also essential in emphasizing certain aspects of your home, and increase the beauty of several areas. So if you need advice on how to use LED lights to improve your property's appearance then here are several tips that will help you do so.

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1. Install LED Lights in Your Walk-in Wardrobe

For those of you who enjoy keeping large numbers of clothes then installing a few LED lights in your walk-in wardrobe can be a very practical investment. Sure, not a lot of people will see the improvements, but a few well-placed LED lights can really brighten up your apparel. For example, you can install a few LED lights on your clothes rails in order to brighten up your clothes. Another option is to mount them at the back of the closet, so as to make it seem like your entire walk-in wardrobe is larger than it actually is. So if you really enjoy your Walk-in Wardrobe then you may want to install a few LED lights inside of it.

2. Install Coloured LED's in Boring Areas Around Your House

One of the best things about LED light is that many of them offer great colours. This allows you to pick lights which can compliment the color schemes of your house's various rooms. For people who have a lot of boring or uninteresting areas around their homes, this can be a very useful feature, as it allows them to add bright and interesting colours onto those areas. For example, sparsely lit corridors and hallways can look a lot more interesting if they are filled with brightly coloured LED lights. The same is also true for the area underneath your stairs. These areas can look better if they have a few LED lights.

3. Add LED Lights Behind Paintings and Important Decorative Items

One of the most important components of home design is the selection of quality decorative items, like paintings and collector's pieces. The appeal and beauty of these items can be enhanced with the help of a few LED lights. For example, installing cool-coloured LED lights behind wall paintings can make them look brighter and more beautiful. Likewise, you can install miniature LED lights underneath decorative vases and statues to make them look more conspicuous to your guests.

4. Purchase LED Lights with Multiple Diodes and Install Them in Festive Areas of Your Home

Some LED lights feature blue, red and green diodes, which means that they can be set to show off different colours by manipulating the relative intensity of the three primary colours. These kinds of LED lights are very good because they allow you to switch colours remotely. A good example of this is when you use a computer software to programme the colours to automatically switch colours at various parts of the evening. Another method is to use a dynamic quick change program which changes the LED light's colours to accompany a particular type of music. Using these kinds of LED light will allow you to use home designs which are conducive to house parties.

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5. Install LED Lights in Certain Areas in Your Kitchen

LED lights look great in kitchens. In fact, many kitchen designs emphasise the use of LED for lighting, because it makes the entire area look more entertaining. Fortunately, you have plenty of options to choose from with regards to kitchen LED lights. One popular method is to fit them underneath wall-mounted items. This approach allows you to flood most of your countertops with LED light. A second option is to install LED lights near windows and doors to increase their general appeal. You can also try installing LED lights at the ankle height underneath floor mounted units, so as to spill light all across the kitchen's floor. This technique is particularly useful for kitchens that feature island units.

6. Install LED Lights in The Bathroom and The Toilet

LED lights look great in the bathroom, and this is because bathrooms and toilets generally don't have a lot of colour. You can remedy the overabundance of stale white tiles by adding a few LED lights in critical areas in your bathroom and toilet. One good example is to install recessed LED fittings near cabinets and wash areas. Not only does this increase the amount of lighting in the bathroom, they also give off a little colour, which in turn increases the appeal and beauty of your bathroom.

7. Design Your Home in A Spacious Way

Finally, it's worth mentioning that LED lights work on homes that have a lot of space in between rooms and furniture. In homes that seem cluttered, they just don't work, because most of the light and colour are concealed by solid items. So if you're still in the process of designing your home, it's important that you design it in a way that accommodates extra lighting.

Make no mistake, LED lights are not just lights. They are part of your home's decor, and they are meant to be noticed. If your house cannot show off the beauty of its LED lights then you will need to make some changes, and you may even need to get rid of a few extra items to make extra space. Modifying one's home to accommodate new LED lights is not always easy, but in the end, it's a good investment.


Home design is influenced by LED lights in very subtle ways. You can either design your home to accommodate these kinds of lights or you can change the existing appearance of your home by adding LED lights in strategic areas around your home. Either way, the result is the same: They improve the general milieu of your house. So if you want to incorporate a lot lighting in your home, it's important to visualise how LED lights will alter their appearance. Although these lights are quite versatile, at the end of the day, they are still just lights, and you will need to treat them as such.


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