Is Invisible Grill Approved By HDB?

The invisible grille for your windows is a new innovation. These grilles replace the old metallic or wooden opaque grilles. The invisible grilles hold up the glass and are transparent. Therefore, they give windows a modern look that is clean and attractive. The invisible grilles are produced by a company known as INVYSIS. These new grilles provide you with an attractive window design as well as security and safety. Invisible grilles have been approved for HDB houses. They have also been approved for privately owned condos.

Invisible Grill

Benefits of making use of invisible grilles
The main advantage of invisible grilles is that they protect your home from intruders. The grilles are invisible so the intruders do not even get to see them. Thus, they are stealthy. Moreover, the invisible grilles protect children form the hazards of playing or being in the balconies of high rise residential buildings.

Children are prone to falling off the balconies. The grilles protect the children from falling off. In addition to that, the invisible grilles do not block the view from the windows of high rise buildings. Their invisible qualities allow you to have a wide angle view and enjoy it. Also, if you install invisible grilles in your building, you increase its value by a large margin. Therefore, when you decide to sell it, you can command a selling price that is way high than its buying price.

Structure and construction of invisible grilles
The invisible grilles are constructed using high strength stainless steel. This material will not rust and has very high tensile strength. The invisible grilles are set into modular frames. The frames are hung from the walls and ceiling of the buildings where the invisible grilles are being installed. This is done using high tension cables that have nylon membranes in them. This membrane performs a very important task in the construction of the invisible grilles. It protects the grilles from getting grazed or cut up.

The high tension cables are installed with narrow spaces between them. This is so that they can hold up the glass efficiently as well as prevent entry of intruders or children from falling out of the balconies. The invisible grilles are easy to clean and do not require much maintenance. Also, the invisible grilles are constructed in a way that the promote modern style of architecture. They give balconies a semi-outdoor like. The high strength materials used to construct these grilles ensure that the grilles are durable and can last long.

Invisible Grill

The Cost of invisible grilles
The invisible grilles can be installed in high rise buildings as well as HBD houses. This style of installing windows is very modern and high tech. The price of installation depends on a number of factors. One of the factors is the area to be covered. If the area to be covered is large, then the price will be high. On the other hand, if this area is small or medium in size then the price of the grilles will be lower. This area is measured in square feet. The price that is quoted by the technicians that are going to install the invisible grilles is given in price per square foot.

Another factor that can contribute to the price of the invisible grilles is the technology that you intend to add. One of the technologies that is available is an integrated alarm system. This alarm system is built into the invisible grilles. It is very applicable for buildings such as flats and residential high rises. This alarm is active all day and night. It can be set off by detecting breaking glass or any other strong vibrations on the glass or invisible grilles. This guarantees the security of the house by covering the balconies and decks. If you want to install invisible grilles that have an integrated alarm system, then you will pay more for the grilles. Most professional installation companies will install the products for free.

You may want your invisible grilles to be decorated. Yo may require that the grilles are in a specific color or range of colors. This can be simply to complement your interior colors or to maintain the theme color of your business building. The companies that provide the invisible grilles will provide you with invisible grilles in the colors that you desire. Moreover, you can desire them to be decorated with patterns. The company will also do this for you. This customization will be added on the price of the grilles. If the rate of customization is high, then the price of the grilles will be high. However, if they are only mildly customized, then the price will not be as high.

When buying the invisible grilles, you can reduce the price that you pay by taking advantage of discounts, bonuses and offers that are advertised by the companies that provide these products. Also, before you decide to purchase invisible grilles, you should take a look at all the merchants that are selling this product and do a price comparison. Moreover, if you are buying the grilles in bulk, you can enjoy discounts if you buy these invisible grilles in bulk.

The various applications of invisible grilles
Invisible grilles can be installed in a variety of buildings and locations. They can be applied in both commercial and residential buildings too. These grilles can be installed in interior and exterior areas. In terms of interior areas, these invisible grilles can be installed as the railings of a staircase or to surround the laundry area. They are strong and can be customized to fit these areas comfortably. In addition to these areas, the invisible grilles can be installed to surround balconies, the ledges of air conditioner units as well as around the swimming pools. They can also be used for fencing the compound. In some cases, the invisible grilles can be used to partition the house. They are attractive and strong enough to function as walls. The invisible grilles are beautiful and strong. Thus, they will decorate and protect every areas where they are installed.


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