Is It Expensive To Install Roller Blinds in Singapore?

Window blinds that are fitted on rollers are termed as roller blinds. They’ve been the top choice for all budget conscious homeowners and all those who’re planning to move into new apartments in Singapore. These days, with the arrival of new custom designer, trendy blinds, more and more people are now deciding to choose roller blinds over wide range of other window treatments.

Is It Expensive To Install Roller Blinds in Singapore?

Reasons for the Long Lasting Popularity of Roller Blinds

Affordability -

Roller blinds have a fairly simple design and they come in wide range of fabrics, which means there’s something for even the most price conscious buyers. Their installation cost is extremely low, as compared to other window treatments. In fact, some many sellers have arrangements with specialist blind fitters and can offer you a deal with much reduced installation cost if you buy roller blinds from them.

*imple Mechanism -

Roller blinds consist of a simple roller over which the fabric wraps around. This roller is connected to simple pulley system that can be used even by kids. Their simple mechanism means they can be easily opened in just seconds and can also be closed just as quickly ensuring privacy is established within seconds. With this simple system there’s little chance of something going wrong, but even if some repair is needed, it can be easily accomplished by any person with average DIY skills.

Great selection -

There is a huge choice when it comes to the fabrics of the roller blinds. For kitchens or bathrooms you can even buy “washable” fabric such as vinyl, etc. However, for other areas of your house you can choose from silks and velvet to cotton and polyester, depending upon your style and budget. In the past few years, there’s been a huge explosion of young designers in Singapore offering awesome patterns and funky styles at highly affordable prices. They are good for children’s bedrooms, apartments, or even for daring individual’s lounges.

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance -

Roller blinds are one of the easiest of all available window treatments to maintain. Think how wooden Venetian blinds need regular coats of varnish and special polishes, or your curtains that need to be unhooked and then washed or dry cleaned. On the other hand, roller blinds are a dream in comparison to all these. Just few swipes with a soft brush are sufficient to remove dust and then you can clean it with a damp cloth to remove stubborn stains. Instead of spending days in maintaining other window treatments, roller blinds need just few minutes a day after few weeks to ensure they keep looking great for years.

Install Roller Blinds in Singapore?

Choosing the Best Roller Blinds for your Home

You can get roller blinds in different fabrics, styles, colors and textures in Singapore. Rollers blinds can definitely make a great style statement and are of practical use too. You can easily choose the fabric you prefer and then mix and match sheers and trims to make a personal style statement.

You purpose -

Firstly you must decide the purpose of your roller blinds. Do you want them to block the light or want to keep your house insulated? One you know your objectives, you can bring some aesthetic appeal to your blind. If you want to block sunrays, look for blockout roller blinds. If you want to keep your room well insulated or heated, then plastic roller is most appropriate.

 Color -

A roller blind with right color can make your room look more elegant. Use dark color for blinds against light colored walls. On the other hand, use light colored blind against dark colored walls. Try to play with colors of your rugs, furniture, and upholstery. If you’re unsure about the best color, then it’s safe to adhere to white, black or light colors as they suit most color schemes. You can also seek advice from store consultant if you’re still uncertain.

Style -

Style of your chosen window cover is also important. Keep in mind the functionality of each of your room and then decide which suites best. If you want to use blind for a room you regularly use, then you can choose one in simple fabric. In a dining room or bedroom, you can consider using metallic weave fabric.

Design -

A roller blind with a great design looks appealing in any room. You can get them in different designs or accessories. There are roller blinds with turret finishes, scalloped finishes, ring pulls, tassels, etc that can definitely lend style statement to any room. Using a roller blind with innovative design is definitely a good way to add some life and charm to your otherwise boring-looking room.

Fabric -

Roller blinds are available in plain, textured, and patterned fabrics to suit a room. Their price depends on the fabric of the blind. The blinds with plain finish are more cost effective and popular. The scalloped finish blinds are costlier than plain finish roller blinds. In fact, the turret finish is the most expensive one of the three kinds.

Location and light -

Location also plays an important role when you’re choosing window covers. You must take into account the position and location of the windows. Check how much natural light comes through them. Depending on that, you can easily decide on the best fabric and color.

Install Roller Blinds in Singapore?

Getting the Best Deal

Get proper measurement -

Before buying your roller blinds, you must measure the space where you need to fit them in. Decide on the blind and see if it fits your space. Measure the width and height of your windows. You can seek assistance from consultants if you cannot do this yourself. They’ll come to your house and take necessary measurements. Cost of roller blinds depends upon the space they will occupy. Readymade blinds are great if you have standard size windows. If not, go ahead and measure them.

Research and get few quotations -

There are many stores that sell roller blinds in Singapore. You can even buy roller blinds online. Get at least three or four quotations and compare them. Don’t choose the cheapest one as reputation of the store also matters. Your roller blinds should be of high quality. With some research you’ll get a fair idea on the varieties available on the market.

Contemporary roller blinds do not require much investment. Sometimes, these blinds can be a bit expensive than other blinds but their elegance and beauty easily compensate and makes them a worthy purchase. These blinds can be easily integrated into any room, and they really look awesome in kitchens. Although cost is a definitely a crucial factor, do not compromise quality. Choose a roller blinds of good quality as you want your blinds to last longer.


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