Pros And Cons On Chengal Decking

Chengal decking is increasingly becoming common and is loved by many in Singapore. This can be attributed to the fact that wooden decks not only add comfort but also great aesthetic value to balconies and patios. Unfortunately, most Singaporeans lack adequate information concerning chengal decking. They do not know where to get them, how much they go for and what it takes to keep them in good condition. Other important decisions to make before settling for chengal decking include the quality as well as the advantages and disadvantages of chengal wood.


Below are the pros and cons of Chengal wood decking discussed in detail

They are high quality hence durable

There is nothing as fulfilling as going for something durable. Chengal wood decks will rarely need regular replacements as long as they are properly cared for. Decks made from Chengal wood appear sturdy and elegant because of the strength of this particular wood. Compared to other wood materials, Chengal seems to stand out hence preferred by most Singaporeans.
The durability of Chengal wood is largely determined by its maturity at the time that it is logged. This is because young Chengal wood is not as strong and durable as matured ones.

Chengal wood can withstand harsh outdoor weather conditions

Most Singaporeans who know and understand the value of Chengal wood, prefer to use it outdoors in decorating balconies and patios. Since Singapore weather alternates between wet and dry the issue of durability is very crucial especially for outdoor decking. Chengal decks do not rot easily and are termite resistant. They are also resistant to ordinary wear and tear that affect other materials.

The key thing is to ensure that you get your chengal wood from reliable and certified decking contractors who have access to the right sources of Chengal wood. Young Chengal wood fails many as a decking material because it is soft, hence offers minimal resistance. It is also loaded with sugar that make it a bait for bacteria and mold, this in turn makes young chengal wood rot and decay faster. In addition, young Chengal wood also contains a lot of sapwood which is obviously not that durable. As such when considering Chengal decking always ensure you get quality and matured Chengal wood.

Chengal Decking

Needs minimal care and maintenance

After spending a considerable amount to have your chengal decking done, maintaining it should be a priority. A well maintained deck not only makes the home owner satisfied but also enhances the beauty of the home. Below are tips on how to maintain your chengal wood deck.

It should be cleaned carefully so that you do not damage the deck. Generally you should only use water and detergent. The water should not be too acidic or too basic. If possible have it neutral so you do not encounter any chemical reactions between the wood and water. Detergents used should also be mild. You also need to pay attention to the type of cleaning material used. Ensure that it absorbs water well, so that the deck dries well after cleaning.

Avoid putting extremely weighty things on top of your chengal wood deck. As much as chengal wood structures are normally sturdy and solid, they can’t just bear the weight of certain things. It is therefore important that you have structures designed for heavy items.

Also conduct regular check up on the condition of your deck. Regular checks ups will help you identify and sort out any issues before they get out of hand. If you notice any weak point contact your contractor for advice on what step to take.
Having a deck that is easy to maintain relieves home owners of too much stress associated with high maintenance costs and demands.

Wood Decking

Adds aesthetic value to a home

Deciding to go the natural way is the best way to add value to your property. Wood decking gives aesthetic as well as financial value. There is nothing as elegant and stunning as a Chengal deck that surrounds your garden, holds your balconies and graces your patios. Chengal decks look amazing with a boost of lighting, planters and seating. It gives you the feeling that your home is the best place in the world.

Guaranteed safety

Safety matters a lot when selecting the type of material to use in building your deck. It becomes more crucial if you have kids. Firstly, chengal wood decks are not as slippery as other alternative materials such as concrete. Secondly, they do not absorb so much heat and can be comfortable to walk on any time. As such Singaporeans who mind about safety so much should consider chengal decking.

The cons of chengal decking


As much as chengal decks are the most ideal and preferred by Singaporeans, they come at a cost. Mature chengal wood is actually more expensive than young chengal. However considering the drawbacks of using young chengal, mature chengal is the best. As such, it is better that you spend more and get quality chengal wood that will meet your needs. Due to the scarcity of Chengal wood and its high demand some unscrupulous suppliers out rightly exploit consumers. It is therefore important that you shop around and know the prevailing rates before purchasing.


Chengal decking is great for outdoor areas. However due the high cost of chengal wood, it is necessary that you make no mistakes. Mistakes should not arise during purchase, installation, maintenance and repair. When purchasing, get the right chengal wood from a credible supplier. This demands for some research on your side. You can also get referrals from friends, colleagues as well as relatives. When it comes to maintenance and repairs, do not hesitate to engage a professional. Note that, chengal wood can only look as good as they are taken care of. Proper care is therefore mandatory. Learn the basics of caring for chengal wood decks beforehand. Also ensure that you have put in place the necessary precautions so that your deck is not damaged. Every member of the home should be informed about these precautions including children.


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