Pros and Cons on Installing Blinds For Your Home

Blinds are an essential component of any house or home, many people go for roller blinds as a solution to windows problem. Roller blinds are the best in that they filter light, darken the sleeping room and give the best privacy, which many people opt for. The blinds are vital in protecting the furniture from harsh ultraviolet rays as they filter them and excessive heat from the sun if the room is exposed to sunshine throughout the day. The blinds come in different materials, fabrics, and designs and everyone are guaranteed of a blind to suit their home decor.

Roller Blinds

Blinds roller is composed of a large piece of desired fabric, which rolls off and on a tube. The tube is fixed above the window and the blind can be pulled down or up when needed. Roller blinds come in different forms one, which can be operated by spring action and others, which is pulled down or up when necessary. Depending on the user one can choose any of the two, the latter one is most preferred as it can be controlled by a sidewinder, which can be pulled to either side.

Pros of roller blinds

i) Easy to operate

Roller blinds are operated using chain or spring control system, that you simply pull up or down to adjust to its cover. When manufactured by a trusted manufacturer, the materials of the cover and strings will be designed for heavy-duty use, letting you open and shut the blinds when necessary without placing much damage. Modern and slim, the blinds are attached based on the dimensions of your windows, letting them give the most shade while taking minimal area.

ii) They’re versatile

The blinds are used in different locations, depending on the size of the window the fabric weight increases as size increases so do the weight of the blind. For large blinds, it is crucial to have a metallic and strong tube as weaker ones may bend with time. There is a wide range of materials and colors to choose from, some have bright colors, others translucent, blackout fabrics and others are natural fabrics. For bedrooms, blackout fabrics are preferred as they prevent light from entering the room as the sun rises. The blinds also prevent the harmful U.V rays from damaging the furniture and skin of the people around.

iii) Adds elegance to your room

Blinds offer the best solution in cold insulation during winter; they reduce noise and the speed of the wind entering the room if the windows are open. The blinds come in handy as being effective in their functionality and addition of decor and elegance to the room. Roller shades are composed of thick fabric which can be in different in color and style therefore, making it easier to select the appropriate roller blinds. Roller blinds provide the best alternative options rather than the use of old fashioned curtains. Not only do the blinds look elegant but also occupy less space.

Roller Blinds

iv) Roller blinds can make the interior of your house look spacious

Roller blinds do differ from other window coverings such as curtains which can make you window space look congested and heavier. Since the roller blinds are very lightweight and have the ability to brings soft light, this makes them the best in making your room look more spacious.

v) Enhances the privacy of your home

So many people in Singapore get bothered about some of their neighbors and strangers who keep starring in their rooms through the glass windows. In case you’re one of them, then you should not worry as you can end this by installing roller blinds. By installing these roller blinds, you’ll be able to control the privacy of your home.

vi) Keeps your interior cool

Properly installed doors and windows, we enhance the cooling of your home. One of the factors which make the indoor temperature to rise up is the sunlight which enters through your windows. Therefore, if you install roller blinds on your windows, you will be able to block the sunlight from entering your interior space, this keeping your temperature cool. This can be the best way that you can reduce energy bills and enhance the effectiveness of your cooling system.

vii) Improve your indoors quality of air

Roller blinds are super easy to clean and have a fewer surface area where dirt and allergens can cling to. You can easily close the windows shut to prevent pollution and pollen from getting inside while allowing sunlight to filter in just by keeping the blinds up.

viii) Easy to maintain and clean

The roller blinds are very easy to maintain and clean as they do not require to be unhooked, dry cleaned, hand washed and machine washed professionally. You’ll not any special vanish so that you can maintain their beautiful glow. You’ll just wipe your roller blinds using a soft cloth so that you can eliminate the dust. In case there’re some stubborn stains then you can use a wet piece of cloth.

Roller Blinds

Cons of roller blinds

i) Many of the roller blinds are contemporary, therefore they’re appropriate for the old fashioned homes. In case you’re a homeowner who wishes to maintain the old and historical look of your house, then it might be difficult to install roller blinds.

ii) Depending on the types of material which are used in designing the roller blinds, it’s vital that you clean your blinds with care. Since some of the blinds, may need special cleaning, you may incur a lot of maintenance costs to the entire window treatment options.

iii) Regardless of the mechanisms which will be used such as electronic or ratchet based, there’re some parts which may fail and may require cleaning or replacement now and them. However, in unfortunate cases, where some of the parts of these roller blinds cannot be replaced or found, the whole set of roller blinds will have to be replaced with new ones.

iv) Roller blinds are also unsuitable especially for shaped or narrow windows. This’s because it’s not easy to get roller blinds of varying designs which can fit the unique designs of your windows.


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