11 Ways To Make Your Bedroom More Cozy?

Did you know that most people spend more time in their bedroom than anywhere else? Your bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your house. You need to do everything possible to make it cozier than any other place in your home. Some of the areas that you need to pay more attention when working on your home design include the floor, wall, bed and ceiling among others. In the discussion below, we have outlined eleven ways to make your bedroom cozy without spending much money on the same. Some of the ideas are so simple such that you can perform them without help from an expert.

Cozy Bedroom

Changing the color of the walls

The color of your bedroom determines how you will feel as you sleep or do anything from the same place. Warm and attractive colors such as yellow, orange, red as well as earth tones can help in making your room not only intimate but also cozier. Therefore, you can consider the idea of repainting your bedroom with any of the following colors at least twice per year. Painting your bedroom with a neutral color such as white, brown or beige will make it attractive when you add pictures or several photos when compared to dark colors such as purple and black. The dark colors will make your bedroom to appear smaller as well as cramped despite its big size. When choosing the color, consider some of the items that you love within the bedroom so that you pick a similar color. In other words, you need to focus on those colors that you find more attractive.

Lighting your bedroom

Possession of a wide range of lighting colors in your bedroom will help in enhancing its feel. In case you have only one single light in your bedroom then it is high time you thought about adding an extra one to make it more appealing. You can choose from table lamps, floor lamps, buy candles of different heights or a pendant light that will hang from your ceiling. Mounting a wall lamp or wall sconce in your bedroom will help in making it more inviting than when you have a single light.

Make changes to your window treatments

Making frequent changes on the covering you have for the windows within your bedroom will also help in making your room cozier. The modern window treatments help in conserving energy as well as keeping the cold or heat within your bedroom without necessarily affecting the style. You can go for cellular shades that tend to have the same appearance to the pleated blinds. Light colored curtains will make your bedroom to look more open since you can easily see through them.


An addition of few but inexpensive accents to your bedroom will make it cozier and inviting. If you do not have enough money for accents simply choose a rug and place it next to your bed. Similarly, you can have a duvet cover stationed strategically within your bedroom so that you bring out a different appearance the usual one. A reading chair with a stool or matching ottoman will make your bedroom inviting.

Add scent to your bedroom

Essential oil burners or candles can make your bedroom more attractive. Smells such as lavender and cinnamon spice among others are great for your bedroom.

Cozy Bedroom

Positive personalization

Positive personalization simply involves addition of things that you love most within your bedroom. For instance, you can add some pieces of art such as photographs or sculptures that you find fascinating when you look at them.

Bedside fan

If your bedroom tends to overheat every time you are sleeping then it is high time you thought about buying a bedside fan. When choosing the right fan for your bedroom go for a soft humming type of tabletop fan. Although some of them are a little bit noisy, you will not take long to get used to them.

Sleeping sound track

Sometimes sleeping in quiet bedroom may not be fun for some people. If you are among such people then you need to think about sleeping sound track. You can add some gentle sound track so that you play it through your Bluetooth device. A combination of classical compositions and noises caused by nature can bring great relaxing.

Add pillows

Adding pillows to your bed is one of the easiest ways to give your bedroom that cozier look and feel that will make you to fall in love with the place repeatedly. You can choose pillows of different colors, shapes and sizes. Replacing the pillowcases after one or two weeks will make your bedroom appear new every time you are sleeping or reading from the place.

Add more mirrors

Mirrors are very great when it comes to reflecting light in your bedroom. You can have several mirrors placed in different positions in your small bedroom so that they help in making the place appear brighter as well as spacious. When selecting mirrors, ensure that you pick those that will fit in your bedroom so that it does not appear overcrowded.


Creating a wonderful theme for your bedroom will help in making your bedroom more comfortable than before. To achieve this, you can buy seashells or any other type of decoration for your bedroom. You do not have to worry about the right place where you will find the seashells because they are readily available in various stores. Alternatively, you can take a walk to nearest beach and pick a few of them with your spouse during the weekend.

In conclusion, there is no need to waste much money all in the name of making your bedroom cozier by buying expensive items when there another alternative. We have simple ways that you can apply to make your bedroom more appealing. Some of the areas that you can consider include lights, pillows, mirrors, sound tracks, window treatments and decorations. In the event that you do not know the best way to make your bedroom, more appealing simply, seek the advice of a professional designer.


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