Is Leather Sofa Good For Home With Pets?

Most home owners in Singapore own pets and they are wondering which type of furniture they should have in their home. Anytime they want to buy a sofa, they will have to take into account something that will not hold fur and which can withstand the scratching. Pets such as dogs and cats love play and would mostly dig in the mud therefore making the paws soiled most of the time. Finding furniture which cats and dogs will not ruin is a mammoth challenge for home owners. Here are some of the things that you must think of when buying furniture as well as protecting it from scratches, stains and fur.


A Leather Sofa

Leather sofa is among the best choices for home owners who are looking for the best alternative to fabric... However, you have to ensure that your choices of leather are the one which repels dirt and water. Most pets will not like leather sofa because of its slippery nature. The surface isn’t as comfy and warm when compared to other surfaces. If the dog or cat occasionally sits on the sofa, it will be much easier for the home owner to wipe off the dirt. Owners of pets that mostly dig and scratch will have to give preference to leather because it’s what delivers a much better result.

Stronger Options (Microfiber)

However, there is some challenge with leather sofas for home owners who have pets because they tend to leave behind scratch marks. Cat claws can be a huge source of destruction, but others such as microfiber can make a better alternative to leather sofas. Other than being smoother, its also less appealing to cats when compared to knits and a wide range of other smooth fabrics which cats can sink their fabrics. Just like leather sofas, microfiber is also a much better choice that can be cleaned with ease.

Avail A Couch For Your Pets?

One of the ways that you can adopt to keep pets off your couch is by providing them with their own seating space. However, where exactly should a sleeping dog lie? There are a number of choices, from dog beds and floor pillows. If you check around, you will find pet stores that sell dog sized sofas that have a resemblance to those of human beings. These specialized dog sofas have arms and backs and are available in contemporary styles and a variety of colors. From bold browns, tasteful greys and whimsical hues, you can find a bed that will guarantee you the kind of personality that serves your requirements better.


Creative Home Design Considerations

These days, every home design project that’s undertaken takes into consideration the needs of pets. Whether it’s a new construction project or a remodel, many home owners have got to know that they need a comfy place for their little pet. Fortunately, there is no shortage of inspirations that home owners can find online and from professional home builders. From incorporating specialized entryways, inbuilt food and water bowls, having a comfortable home for your pet is something that’s within your reach. There are many awesome interior home design ideas that are pet friendly. For instance, you can incorporate a table skirt design for dogs which roll up to allow the door to open. Putting a small piece of glass on top of the crate helps in adding functionality to the room. The design of the living space can be done in a manner that it’s hard for a new person to know that there exists a space where an animal is housed. Other than a comfortable sleeping space, you can have a dog crate and a litter box. By having these incorporated in the design of your home, you will have offered your dog a pretty comfortable place where to sleep and relax and in the long run, they wont be sleeping on your sofas.

Can Pet Friendly Home Design Increase Remodel Costs?

Some home owners think that by adding pet friendly features when designing their homes, they will increase costs. But the truth is that this is not always the case. Most of the items can be incorporated at quite a small cost, and can be as little as putting a decorative door on the face of your cabinet. Especially if you ask your builder to incorporate pet friendly features from the onset, there is no doubt that your lifestyle requirement s can be incorporated in the initial planning stages. In this instance, the importance of your dog and the value which the family attaches to it is taken into consideration. The designs may have to incorporate some plastics and teaching your pets not to be scared of plastics may help. With time, they will definitely get used to it and they sill mostly stay away from your sofas. But you need to ensure that the spaces that you design for them offer much better results in terms of location and comfort if you really have to keep your dog or cat there. By adopting the best design and using the right materials, you will be glad that your dog will like the space that you spend money to come up with. Home owners can feel delighted when they see their pets embrace the spaces that were created for them.


Many home owners have asked if leather is the best choice for homes with pets. While leather is easy to clean and doesn’t hold pet’s hair, it may not be immune to scratches from the claws of cats. It really does better when compared to fabric. However, by adopting a home design that takes into account the needs of your pets, you can help make your pets more comfortable while also ensuring that they stay in the spaces that have been assigned to them. Fortunately, there are many fantastic new and remodel designs that are pet friendly and which does not add to the cost of remodeling or building a new house. By embracing your dog or cat in your interior design, you can help make their lives more comfortable while also reducing the number of times that your sofas get soiled or scratched by pets.


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