14 Worst Mistakes People Make In Home Design

As homeowner, whether you are staging your home to sell it or simply redesigning for your own enjoyment, there is a possibility that you most often make mistakes in your home design. It can be very costly, disappointing and waste time making such mistakes. To help in your home design or renovation project, here are some worst mistakes most people make in home design that should avoid.

Home Design

1. Mixing a lot of wood tones –

Wood is one of the most common decorating materials and You can use it for cabinetry, floors, furniture pieces, walls and more. However, most homeowners usually go haywire this type of decorating material. In order to make your wood décor looking great and fabulous, make sure you use less than three different wood stains within one room of your house. Also, make sure your furniture fits with the rest of your room.

2. Clutter –

Adding too many accessories to your home is another worst mistake you can do when designing or decorating your home. In this case, you only need to create a theme and always stick to it. Introduce only accessories, which match your chosen theme and carefully plan-out the placement of those accessories before buying them. In addition, you can buy some bigger pieces rather than small items and this may make your home less cluttered.

3. Only decorating interior parts of the home –

Decorating just the inner part of your home is yet a common mistake most people do. As a homeowner, you must always remember that the front and back yard as well as the front entrance are important part of your home’s appeal. So, to create a great welcoming, impressive, positive, and wonderful décor, it is important t5o consider decorating both the interior and exterior of your home, including the front curb and the fence.

4. Poor furniture arrangement –

Most homeowners tend to the walls’ lines in arranging their furniture, but this can sometimes be unappealing and can make the room appear relatively smaller. To avoid this mistake, refrain from placing a lot of upholstered items against the walls of your house. Alternatively, you can make about two-thirds of your entire room space the main seating area and the rest of the space for a single grand furniture piece (for example a simple chair, a piano or anything) or just leave it open.

5. Bright overhead lighting –

This can really make every person in the room feel like they are onstage. Basically, overhead lighting is unflattering and very harsh. It is therefore important to consider using dimmers to reduce the effect of brightness from this kind of lighting. It is recommended to use soft-white bulbs, particularly in lamps and always remember that most shaded lamps can offer you the best, most comfortable home lighting.

6. Improper size of lamps –

Placement of lamps that are not in the right size in a home is also another major mistake people make when designing their homes. For instance, if you have them on either side of your furniture, always make sure the lamps are in the right proportion to the furniture. You do not want too small or too large lamps on the end tables that make everything look extremely out of balance.

7. Improper candlesticks placement –

This may look unnecessary a major concern when designing or decorating your home, but it is important to avoid placing your candlesticks side by side, just like fireplaces, candlesticks also contain a certain charm. It is therefore more appealing to spread candlelight across the room rather than just grouping all of them in one area. Separate them and get better balanced aesthetics.

Home Design

8. Completing your design/décor project in a single day –

Speeding your project is also a major mistake you can do when designing or renovating your home. Planning to complete your décor in just one day is absolutely not recommendable and very wrong. Always take your time to plan, shop and organize your items.

9. Hanging artworks too high –

The right placement of art is that the lower part of an item should be 8 to 10 inches above the top of furniture piece such as headboard, chair or even sofa. Alternatively, if hanging art on the wall without any furniture (stairwell or hallway), hang your artwork so that the middle of it is approximately 66 inches from the floor.

10. Painting the walls using wrong colors –

Using wrong colors on your walls can really mess up with your entire decoration. It can be very hard to decide which colors you should use on your walls, especially when there are a variety of hues and colors to choose from. It is therefore important to carefully plan out your color scheme or usage before buying any wallpaper and/or paint. For help, you can use swatches. Keep your wall colors in synchronize with your artwork and furniture. Concerning hues, just keep the darker hue on threw lower part and lighter hue on the upper part.

11. Picking the furniture before choosing your wallpaper and/or paint colors –

Selecting your wallpaper or paint color before deciding on your furnishings will be much difficult to match your furniture to your already painted walls than the other way round. It is important to first work with your furniture before picking the right color for your interior decoration.

12. Wrong size chandeliers –

Often, most people buy chandeliers, which are either too large or too small for a given room. However, this can be a very easy fix by simply determining the width of a room and multiply the number. The result is the right size of the chandelier that you should consider placing in your home.

13. Having a dull interior –

Every home should have a life in it. Fresh flowers or plants are the ideal way of accomplishing this, but even fake flowers and plants can also lender your interior a life. One way to do this is rotating the greenery to always it keep it fresh and seasonal.

14. Do not hide the windows –

Another common mistake most homeowners make is to hang their curtain rods too low. You should hang your curtain rods as close to your ceiling as possible in order to create a sense of largess and height.

Conclusively, in addition to these most common mistakes people make in their home design or décor, there are also a number of them that you should always avoid. If you do not know how do to it, it is important to hire the service of a professional company to do it for you.


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