2015 Home Design Trends

In Singapore, the Scandinavian home theme is popular among young couples and it continues to trend in 2015. A recent poll showed that the Scandinavian home trend pursues on being a favorite theme among Singaporean homeowners. Apart from this trend, the industrial theme also leads the poll as one of the home trends that will rock 2015. To know more about these exciting 2015 home design trends, let us take a closer look at each of them:

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Scandustrial Home Trend

Singaporeans are known to be creative in infusing designs in their home. This is why some designers have decided to combine two trends such as:
• Scandinavian home trends; and
• Industrial home trends.
This combination gave them the Scandustrial theme. For some homeowners, the plain industrial appearance does not appeal to them so in order to inject a bit of warmth and coziness to their living room, they have decided to mix a bit of the Scandinavian theme.

Woody Interiors

Also trending in the year 2015 is the woody interiors. It has now replaced the white-washed wall interiors. The effect that it gives to the home is largely muted tones interiors. Homeowners in Singapore love it this way because of the following reasons:
• It provides an accent that it is unique.
• It makes the homes look more refreshing.

Brighter Colors

In the same poll, it is also stated that brighter colors will trend again in 2015. Examples of these are bright colored interiors such as:
• walls
• floorings
• furniture
It promises to complement the preferred home ambiance of Singaporeans. The accent that it provides can give the home a unique feel, according to reputable interior designers.

Geometric and Patterned Tiles

Also popular among Singaporean homeowners are geometric and patterned tiles. This cannot only be seen in the living room; in fact, a lot of bedrooms also sport this kind of theme. This is a creative way of designers to turn a bedroom into something elegant but chic.


Apart from bright colors and outrageous patterns, a home theme that will trend in 2015 is the retro style. Among its examples are:
• classic-looking cabinetry;
• patterned rugs; and
• uniquely designed retro pieces.

Country / Victorian

Homeowners in Singapore also prefer an elegantly styled home minus the heavy upholstery. This is why Country/Victorian home theme also trends in 2015.

Minimalist with the Influence of Japanese and Scandinavian Themes

Given the fact that living spaces in Singaporean homes are quite small, the minimalist theme trends in 2015. Making use of woody interiors with a minimalist touch is one simple way to add warmth and coziness in a home. Singaporeans love it because of the following elements:
• simplicity;
• Functionality; and
• Stylish.

Evergreen Trend

The Evergreen home trend does not just get out of style. It is considered as a wonderful design that combines the following:
• coordinated colors; and
• organic functions.
It also adapts to the needs of homeowners through the passing of time. Whether the homeowners are newly wed couple or a family with children, this home trend can still be suitable.

Accessorized Homes

Accessorizing one’s home is another popular home theme in 2015, according to a few reputable interior designers. It aims to provide a lively and complete feel to the home. Accessories that can be placed in a home to make it more stylish are the following:
• photo walls;
• hanging decors; and
• colorful floor mats.
Many other unique accessories can make an odd but relaxing feel to the home. It is more popular among young homeowners who want their homes to be hip, chic and elegant at the same time.

Fabrics and Cushions

Putting fabrics and cushions into one’s home can add a cozy feel so a lot of homeowners in Singapore prefer to inject this home theme. Who would not want to have a house that is practical but relaxing? This is what fabrics and cushions bring to any home.

Soothing Palettes

Popular home trends in 2015 are mostly about injecting a relaxing theme into a Singaporean abode. This is why certain palettes rule the 2015 home trends. These are as follows:
• purple;
• blue;
• pink;
• green; and
• mushroom.
All these hues aim to bring true character and personality to any home.

Cost-efficient Home Themes

Home trends this 2015 is also about being practical. This is why a lot of home designs choose cost-efficient materials that do not sacrifice quality. Many manufacturers cater to the needs of middle-class homeowners so they suggest practical ideas to make one’s home stylish and elegant without the need to spend more.

Reused Home Themes

Still in connection with the cost-efficient home theme, a lot of homeowners find it wonderful to reuse old items and turn them into vintage and retro products. For example, an antique table is usually reused to complement the vintage style of home patios.
The concept behind this theme is to maximize materials on hand and make the most out of them. It also exhibits the creativity of homeowners to think of clever ideas on how they can reuse so-called old furniture or items.

Gold Fixtures

Also trending in 2015 is a home theme that makes use of gold fixtures. Homeowners do not just need to be confined with silver and stainless steel fixtures; they can go bold and have a few gold fixtures at home. They can also mix and match various color finishes. The most common gold fixture in a Singaporean home is a gold faucet. Gold furniture sets are also becoming prevalent in various homes.


In 2015, wallpaper made a big comeback. Homeowners can expect to witness an increase in available colors and textures in home design shops. Homeowners can spice up their homes by putting colorful, elegant as well as uniquely colored wallpapers. Homeowners can have the freedom to choose the design and color that they prefer. Light-blue combined with yellow palettes wallpapers and other color combinations are expected to replace plain white walls in Singaporean homes.

Blue-colored Interiors

A lot of homeowners in Singapore are now choosing blue as the color of their home interiors. It was predicted to be the color that will rule in 2015.

Two of the most popular shades of blue to watch out in 2015 are:
• Deep navy; and
• Pops of indigo.


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