6 Advantages Of Dulux Paint

When it comes to redesigning your home, choosing the right paint is of great important. This is because the right paint will not only guarantee long lasting results but also be safe for use right from the painting stage. The right choice of paint and painting products has the potential to transform your home design into an enviable hub and this should therefore be your concern throughout the process. With many paints available in Singapore market, Dulux paint has become one of the most desirable paints and this is informed by the many advantages that the painting product has to offer. You can choose from a wide range of Dulux paints to brighten the mood of your living space while at the same time making it look smaller or larger based on your preference. Additionally, the choice of different colours could be of great help when it comes to the enhancement of lighting effects in the house and Dulux paints provide a myriad of options to consider throughout your home design project. Below are 6 notable advantages associated with Dulux paint:


Advantages of using Dulux paints

1. Amazing opacity with superior coverage

One of the greatest advantages of Dulux paint is that it provides you with a superior opacity which makes it a great option if you are looking for better coverage. What this means is that you will require little paint to paint your home and this in return translates into lower home redesigning cost for you. Unlike many other paints, dulux paint does not require many layers to deliver the perfect results you require and therefore is highly recommended and advantageous. Dulux paint has a wide colour gamut which you can choose from to create your desired effects both for interior and exterior painting. You can add a splash of colours to your home as you choose from beautiful colour ranges which include honey mustard to bright pinks, lively green to inspiring orange. All these colours are available to help make your redesigning easier while inspiring you to get the perfect results.

2. Washable and easy to clean

Dulux paints are washable and easy to clean thus making it easy for you to maintain your interior walls with ease. Unlike many other paints which normally peel off when washing the surface, deluxe gives you the change to keep your home clean inexpensively. The fact that surfaces painted with Dulux can be washed means that you do not have to repaint them after every few months as you seek to maintain high standards of cleanliness and excellence.

3. Low odour, dries fast and non-irritant

Fresh paints can be irritating and dangerous to health especially during the painting stages. The fact that the paints dry fast and are odourless means that you do not have to move out of the house during the redesigning period not unless you decide to do it. The paints are safe for you and your family and do not pose any dangers to your pets when they are exposed to them during the painting. This is a major advantage that you should enjoy whenever you plan to repaint your house. Fresh paints normally have a pungent smell which normally has some health implications especially to people who are asthmatic. This is one of Dulux paints’ advantage which you should consider during your home redesigning projects.

4. Durability

When designing your home, you need a paint that is durable for both exterior and interior surfaces. Dulux paints last longer on the surfaces even when exposed to different environmental elements and therefore you will find them ideal and economical. When exposed to sunshine or water, these paints do not peel off easily and therefore can last for many years without demanding for an extra coat. They do not lose their sheen easily and the walls will remain attractive for many months.


5. They have an antibacterial element

Despite the fact that most paints available in the market are good, most of them are known to provide a good breeding environment for bacteria. However, Delux paints are scientifically developed to reduce the breeding and harbouring ability of the bacteria which makes them environmentally safe for use on the ceiling and interior walls. Deluxe paint has a unique chemical formulation and composition that helps to break down any existing bacteria while at the same time shifting the paint’s pH balance. This makes the paints less hospitable to germs and bacteria this making them environmentally safe.

6. Economical

Considering all the above advantages, Dulux paints are very economical to use. The fact that your layer of paint remains clear and fresh for long means that you do not have to worry about adding an extra coat on top in order to keep your exterior or interior surfaces looking attractive. Additionally, Dulux has different kinds of paint finishes which you can choose from and some of them are developed with stain repellent technology that makes them ideal especially for homes where there are children and pets. Everything from the cost of the paints to their maintenance is cost effective and any home owner will find them highly suitable for use.

As with every other project, using the Dulux paints can only afford you the benefits if the painting process is done right from the word go. It is important to hire a professional painter or home designer to help you throughout the process as this way you will be able to pick the right paint finish that will guarantee the results you are looking for. Additionally, the surface upon which the paint is to be applied should be prepared properly to get rid of any dirt, grease, wax and defects which are likely to compromise on the quality of the results. A professional has a better understanding of the entire process and will work with you to ensure that everything is done right and the results obtained are long lasting. Always choose the right paint colours which will match with your furniture and other items within your living space.

Some of the Delux paints available in Singapore market include the Dulux PureAir, Dulux All, Dulux Pentalite, and Dulux Mouldguard among others. You can choose your preferred paint finish to help you capture your imaginations.


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