7 Tips To Help You Decide What Style to Choose For Your BTO

More than eighty percent people of Singapore live in HDB flats. These flats are less expensive. The best way to get your first flat in Singapore is to go for a Built-To-Order flat. You will have the freedom to transform an empty space into your dream home. You can plan home styles to make your new home the best place to live in. For beginners, it might be a bit complex to choose the right designs. As the options will be many, it can confuse any.

BTO Interior Design

So, you are looking for the best styles. If yes, then you are in the right place. This article will cover seven styles that include many popular designs ranging from Scandinavian to minimalistic. You can consider these home styles for your next BTO flat.

1. Industrial Chic

This style can be ideal for all those who are looking for an innovative and stylish look. It will look effortlessly modern. You can add many additional textures to design your dream home. The entryway will have a gorgeous geometric design that will complement the existing brick feature. The kitchen will be brilliantly partitioned to boost the space as well as to enable you to see what is happening in the kitchen. The industrial chick comes as a great combination of exposed bricks, concrete walls, steel columns or beams to offer an industrial feeling.

• Color for this style is grey. You can also add a twist of loud color to the décor to make it impressive. You can choose any bright color to match your personality.

• For furniture, you can consider recycled furniture made of metal, steel, and dark wood. Even leather will look good. All these materials will offer a mature and rustic look.

2. Scandinavian

The Scandinavian style focuses more on brick walls. These walls can transform the look by adding texture and charm to your new home. For a rustic feel, you can use versatile lightwood furnishing. In addition, it will enable you to keep things simple. The soft color themes will be eye-pleasing and inspiring. It can be ideal if you are looking for a simple and impressive style. Scandinavian style is popular for clean lines, gentle contours, practical functionality, and accent colors.

• For this style, you need to choose a white color with grey tones. You can also add pastel hues in a slight touch to get the right ambiance for your design.

• Organic material and wood will be a great choice for furniture. You can add rose, white, matt black stainless finish to achieve an impressive and modern look.

BTO Interior Design

3. Contemporary

Many of us will prefer a contemporary look. You do not need enough space for a contemporary look. You can make it exceptional with your personal touch. You can go for an open kitchen, funky chipboard wall, minimal furniture, and any other new addition to let your personality to shine in a unique manner. Contemporary design is known for sleek, simple, and minimal design. It can be ideal for all those who are looking for a fashionable and stylish home.

• You can choose any natural and earthy color to get well with the contemporary design.

• For furniture, you can choose lightweight leather and wooden furniture. Soft furnishing and streamline furniture like painted murals, glossy wood, glass panels, and marble floors.

4. Retrolicious

This is a different and innovative design. If you are in a hurry and want the best outcome, then this can be perfect for you. Retrolicious offers a rustic quick design to infuse nostalgia with modern life. You will love this design as it comes with different color combination and styles.

• You can choose vintage and rustic theme with a good combination of different colors to have a fun vibe.

• For furniture, you will have many choices as well. You can choose tiled flooring, chesterfield couch, wooden furniture, and patchwork to get an iconic retro style.

5. Chromatic

Chromic will offer the true reflection of urban life. If you like a stylish and contemporary home, you should not look beyond this option. You will need a simple color palette with three colors, white, black, and grey. The grey-featured walls will give an impression as if the clouds are gathering before the rainfall. The urban rustic character will offer an impression of a city or urban life.

• As stated above, you will have to focus on three main colors, black, white, and grey. You can choose different shades and textures to make it interesting. You need to avoid loud and bright colors.

• You can get a mix of different types of contemporary furniture such as sofa chairs, wooden bar, Knickknacks, and art decorations.

BTO Interior Design

6. Electric

If you are looking for minimalism, you should go with this style. Wherever you look, there will be something to grab your attention. The bright bursts and vintage elements will go exceptionally well together to transform the look of your new home. It will enable you to experiment with different designs and textures. You can use the glamorous chick and minimalistic orientations with different lightings to create an illusion for a bigger area.

• For colors, you will need a good combination of neutral and white paired with bright patterns from soft furnishing such as cushions and rugs.

• You will need modern designs and different materials for furniture. A combination of wood, plastic, metal, and glass will go well with this style.


People of Singapore are fond of traveling. You just pack your things and prepare for vacation every time you get extended holidays. Here is the style to satisfy your traveling heart. It will bring the beauty of outside scenario into your home. You will love the white curved arches and lightwood furniture.

• For this unique style, you will need neutral and white colors with blue shades. You can choose light blue curtains and carpets.

• For furniture, you can go with lightweight wood. You can choose wood for all of your furniture that might be your bed or couch.

These are a few best styles. You can do an extensive research on all these styles. Go through the price and other requirements before deciding on one.


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