Mistakes to Avoid When Handling Home Designing by Yourself

Are you planning to design your home soon and looking for tricks that can assist you make perfect and extremely reliable decisions? If yes, this review will inform you about the various mistakes to avoid any time you desire to begin a home design exercise. When designing your home, it is advisable you employ an interior designer when the need arises. This is vital since do-it-yourself home design process can make you experience several pitfalls particularly if you do not possess the crucial interior designing training skills.

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With do-it-yourself home design, the final results you produce will certainly not be appealing as they will lack that extraordinary touch which only professional interior designers can offer. Also, the entire home design exercise will with not doubt be time-consuming because you will require solving all the tasks involved by yourself. These drawbacks of DIY home design and others hence make the need of hiring an interior designer in Singapore come handy.

However, if you think you can deliver great and satisfying solutions when decorating your home, the following are some of the common mistakes most people often experience and therefore you must be very keen not to make them during the process:

Mistakes to Avoid When Handling a Home Design by Yourself

#1: Not Envisioning the Whole Home

Most homeowners often forget to foresee how they expect their homes to be once they complete their respective designing procedures. For instance, they fail to think about how the rooms in their houses will relate to each other.

It is advisable that prior to commencing the design exercise, try to make a layout on what to expect from each and every room at the end. Even if you are on a tight budget that will make you not be able to complete the design procedure at once, just ensure the entire picture of what you expect is always at the back of your mind.

#2: Not Experimenting the Paint Colors

If you are looking for paints to apply on your home, it is important you do your homework prior to cooperating with any seller in Singapore. Note that any paint seller you face will certainly try to convince you how their products are of high- quality or reliable, which may not be true.

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It is important that before you apply any kind of paint, try to look for several options from different traders and test the products by applying them on a place. Let the paints applied stay for at least a week before you can decide which one to use. You can then use the results after the lapse of one week to know the type of paint to consider using on your project.

#3: Misplaced Artwork

Artwork is one of the best ways you can use to attach color and dimension when trying to enhance any of your rooms that feel drab. However, be careful not to turn your house into a museum when using artwork. The idea of hanging art that you use should in the end make your house feel private and personal, and the results must complement your furniture as well as design of the room of concern.
With artwork, be informed that a few well-framed works of art on your wall can usually appear more stunning than a lot of art stuffs.

#4: Plain White Walls

Though stark, white walls may be stunningly effectual in a home, they can appear very sterile also if they are not decorated well. They can also be a potential tragedy if you are a person living with children or pets since they will expose any kind of fingerprint or paw print among other things they come into contact with.
White walls will only serve a great background for art and décor only if you are living alone or with someone mature.

#5: Bad Lighting

Good lighting is certainly a crucial factor that can make you have a pleasant environment. However, bad lighting idea equals bad design. Utilizing only a single source of lighting such as a ceiling fixture is not recommendable at all. It is important you install several kinds of lighting options in your home that have different purposes including ambient lighting, task lighting and general lighting.

Prior to using any type of lighting idea in your home, evaluate a space first and then decide the kind of lighting it requires. A part from having a ceiling fixture, your room should also have mid-level lighting for adding warmth and also to be used for other tasks such as reading.

Generally, ensure the lights in your home cast the correct shadows since it is vital for effective illumination.

These are some of the mistakes you should avoid making when decorating your home. However, if you feel you are not confident enough to tackle your home design exercise, don’t hesitate employing a reputable interior designer in Singapore to help you out.

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Benefits of Hiring a Genuine Singapore Based Interior Designer

*Right Home Designing Tools Being Applied by Skilled Designers

Most interior design firms in Singapore have invested in top-notch tools and materials for décor, and employed well-trained designers. Therefore, by cooperating with reputable interior designers in your area when the need arises, be sure your home design task will be sorted out by specialists that will be applying exceptional facilities in order to deliver extremely satisfying furnishing and decoration results.

*Impeccable Home Design Solutions in a Quick and Secure Way

Reputable home designers are pros that have faced the relevant training and hence are dependable. They are experienced and therefore qualify to handle a wide range of different types of home design tasks. They will utilize their extraordinary designing skills plus tools and provide you with great and appealing house design services in a quick and secure way once you collaborate with them.

*Interior Designers are Covered

Unlike in a do-it-yourself home design where you are accountable for any mistake you cause, this will not be the case once you employ interior designers. Genuine interior design companies in Singapore have insured their services and thus they will ensure you are compensated in case they cause any errors that make you experience losses.

Bottom Line

A good way of avoiding the various mistakes most people make during a home design exercise is by employing an interior designer. However, if you will consider dealing with a firm offering home design services, ensure the designers you select are licensed and permitted to operate in Singapore.


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