7 Ways On Using Mirror For Interior Design

Mirrors are one of those stylish and versatile accessory used by interior designers to spruce up your interiors. Using mirrors of different sizes, styles and shapes creatively in interior designing not only helps enhance their practicality, but also helps create optical illusion, ramp up visual interest or create a cheery atmosphere. Just like the layout of lighting, furniture, paint is important in designing the interiors, using mirror for interior design also important role to help add appeal to your space.


7 Ways to use Mirror for Interior Design

#1: Use mirrors to Enlarge Space:

One of the best known mirror tricks used by most interior designers is to use a mirror to make a room look larger. Mirrors when used in a given space reflect light. Playing around the reflection tricks the eye into feeling that there is a greater amount of space than it is happens to be in reality. Always remember, the larger the mirror the bigger the effect. So, if you are tired of cramped spaces or wish to enlarge your space, using mirrors would be the best option.

· Placing a large full length mirror on the wall or walls that the eye looks instantly in entrance ways. This will help give a person entering the house a sense of increased space.
· Placing a mirror close to the bed or dinning will help open up space and create a sense of increased area in small bedroom or dining areas.

#2: Use mirror to Brighten up Space:

One of the greatest advantages of using mirror in interior design is that it helps reflect light, brightening up a given space. Using a mirror in a small area allows light to bounce around the space and gives it a more expansive feel. However, do not go overboard to avoid the negative effects of harsh glare.

· Position a mirror on the wall that is located opposite the window. This will cause the incoming natural light to reflect and help brighten the room.
· Placing mirrors alongside fireplaces will help reflect the glow of flames and create a sense of spaciousness and cheerful glow at nighttime.

#3: Use Mirror to create a Focal Point:

If you want looking for an inexpensive way to add visual focal point to a given space, using mirrors proves to be the best option. In addition, using mirrors for designing interiors can also helps enhance the aesthetic appeal of an existing focal point.

· Placing a single mirror in a colorful tiled patterned frame or in a metal sunburst designed frame provides irresistible eye candy.
· On a blank wall, hanging an array of antique framed convex mirrors will help spice up the given area with eye- catching accents.

#4: Use mirrors for Decoration:

Using a mirror as a decoration piece will not only help jazz up space, but also transform an ordinary looking room into a space that full of energy and lively design activity. For instance, using mirrors for decoration is to include a mirrored chest of drawers, coffee table or accent tables in your furniture layout to will help boost the visual aesthetics of any room.

· Hang mirrors of various sizes and shapes in symmetrical or asymmetrical pattern on the wall to create an artistic effect.
· Use a jazzy floor lamp and full length wall mirror to wake a dreary, dark corner in your home.

Mirror design

#5: Use mirrors to bring the Outdoors Inside:

A great benefit of using mirror for interior design is that it can help bring the outside in and give your room a view. Arranging a large mirror or group of mirrors on the wall that is located opposite a picture window will help bring the grandeur outside inside your home. This method of using mirrors is especially useful for all those who have small windows in and around their home.

· Placing the mirror on the opposite side of the window will help you enjoy the picturesque view of cottage garden, seascape vista or majestic mountain range while you are indoors.
· A mirror place opposite the window will help sprinkle sunlight throughout the room and create a bright, cheery atmosphere.

#6: Use Mirrors to double the accents:

Mirrors when placed strategically in a given space can help enhance any unique piece of attraction by creating a double visual impact and making it appear in double.

· Mirrors when placed tactically in a given room can be used to reveal one room back to next, echoing beautiful design features or color motifs.
· When used in dining rooms, mirrors that are positioned well can help reflect a unique art piece or a gorgeous light fixture placed in the given area.

#7: Use mirrors to add Glamour:

When using mirrors for interior design, it is not necessary that you use a full length mirror as a decorative accessory. Using mirrored accents such as mosaic tile work, candle holders, mirrored frames or any design pieces that are adorned with metallic accents can help add a bit of sparkle and glamour to the given space.

Tips to use Mirrors for Interior Design

· Use large mirrors in small rooms
· Avoid using mirrors in the kitchen area
· Obey the rules of feng shui when using mirrors for interior designing
· Avoid using mirrors on the ceiling
· Consider the size, shape and style of mirror when installing it in a given space.
· Ensure that the color of the mirror matches the room décor

Using a mirror in the interiors is simple and economical way to brighten up a given space and help add a dash of glamor to it. However, when using a mirror as an interior design idea, always remember that using a mirror in a given area should have a specific purpose. Apart from using the mirror as decorative accessory, the functional aspect should not be forgotten. The fact that a mirror placed in a bathroom or bedroom is used more for functional purposes than a decorative piece, using embellishments or placing the mirrors strategically in these areas is a great way to help them stand out without disturbing their functionality.


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