6 Mistakes To Avoid On Custom Made Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are becoming more important to use on HDB house windows. There are many types of roller blinds to choose from in Singapore. Among those that are mostly preferred are the custom made roller blinds. The custom made roller blinds are those that can be ordered, according to the preference and personality of the client. You have freedom when choosing these types of roller blinds. However, too many people make mistakes when choosing and installing these roller blinds.

6 Mistakes To Avoid On Custom Made Roller Blinds

Here are some of the common mistakes made:

1. Not Getting the Right Measurements

One of the major mistakes that people make when they are working with the custom made roller blinds is that they fail to get the right measurements. You must ensure that you have taken the correct measurements of the windows when you are going out to look for the roller blinds. Before going out in search of the roller blinds for your windows, measure the window properly. Always get the precise measurements of the windows and if possible, take the measurements two times. This will help you be sure of the measurements that you have and it will help you choose the blinds easily. Make sure that you also have the right measuring equipments, in order to get the right units. This will avoid errors that are commonly made by people when they measure their windows.

2. Ordering The Wrong Roller Blind

Even though these roller blinds are specially ordered, in consideration of the client’s preference, many people make the wrong order. When a client makes orders for their roller blinds, they tend to ignore their window and rooms, for that, they end up requesting for wrong blinds. Generally, they are not exactly wrong in design or material, but they are wrong in not fitting perfectly on the windows. They might choose blinds that are too dark in the house, whereby, they block light from entering. They can also choose one that is too big or small for the window. Besides the style and size, the client can choose the custom made roller blinds that have the wrong color. The color must match with the theme of the HDB unit.

3. Buying Unknown Product

Another mistake that clients make is that they make orders from unknown stores. There are multiple of roller blind dealers in Singapore, but not all of them are efficient. That implies that, there are some who provide unreliable products. This will finally end up having roller blinds that do not offer the elegance that they were claimed to offer. They will also wear out faster, which can cost you a lot of money in the long run. The material used by the unknown or no name roller blinds is cheap and not strong enough. For that, they will end up wearing out within a very short time and you might not be able to track them down for a replacement or a repair. It is usually advised to make your custom made roller blinds orders from reputable stores and companies.

 Avoid On Custom Made Roller Blinds

4. Ignoring The Cutbacks

It is highly recommended to consider the cutbacks when you are selecting your roller blinds. Usually, a roller blind must be cut back, for it to fit perfectly in the window that it is to be installed on. The cutback helps to allow light to get through the window from the sides of the blinds. It is intimated to be keen when choosing the roller blind. Suppose you need light to enter the room, then you must ensure you have a blind that has the perfect cut back. An outside mount will reduce the amount of light that enters the house. Suppose if you need light to freely enter into the house, but still have a dim effect, then you might want to include a fabric panel. This will help to block the gap on the sides of the blinds.

5. Confusing Off The Shelf Product With Custom Made Blinds

Another mistake that people make is that they choose the cut downs, which are the off the counter roller blinds, from the custom made roller blinds. For a custom made roller blind, you make all your orders to the specialists, who will then design the roller blind according to the specifications. Technically, the custom made are designed when the customer has made their order, unlike the cut downs, which are ready even without the specification of the client.

6. Not Getting Help From The Experts

There is always a professional in whatever that takes place in the house. For that matter, when one is in search of a custom made roller blind, they tend to do everything on their own. However much you might be accustomed with a number of roller blinds, it is usually advised to consult an expert. An expert will not only help you in installing the blind as required, but they will also help you choose wisely. A reputable roller blind company will have a wide range of accessories to help you come up with a blind. They will also advise you on the most ideal material and fabric to use for your HDB unit. This helps to avoid many errors that are made in the process.

Most of the mistakes that are made can be easily avoided by ensuring that you follow the right procedure and going to a recognized supplier. The measurement of the windows is the first most thing to do when you need to find a roller blind. Even though you will be making your order, in relation to your specifications and preferences, you must ensure that you consider your window. You must also consider the room that you are going to use the roller blind in. This will need you to put some factors like the theme of the room and the amount of light required in the room. Ensure that you choose a roller blind that can last for long and one that will appear well on the window, without affecting the entire theme of the room. This will help you to have the right roller blind for the room and one that suits your preferences.


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