Casement Window VS Sliding Window

Most people think that your choice of windows is a superficial choice that you can make without other considerations. This is false and very far from the truth. When choosing windows for your home there are very many considerations that you have to take into account to ensure that you make the right choice. The style of windows that you use in your home will have a profound impact on your home both inside and outside. The ease with which or open the windows should be a factor that you should definitely take into account.

Casement Window VS Sliding Window

When it comes to choosing the type of windows that you will have in your home some of the most popular options which people can choose from are sliding windows and casement windows. Many people use these windows since they are practical. Below are the differences between the types of windows and this will help you choose the best windows that are suited for you.
Sliding Windows Sliding windows are windows that are opened by sliding them on a pane from side to side of the window frame. This type of window is best when the width of the window is greater than the height of the window.

This creates a very pleasing visual appeal and you will fall in love with these types of windows if you love open spaces and free flowing air. The windows are available for single slides and double slides depending on how you want to open the windows. Some of the windows also have large openings which may have a fixed picture in the middle. The picture is at the middle and the operable windows can be moved from side to side and this is a sight that you will want to see daily.


- Insecurity

This is one of the main disadvantages of sliding windows as most people have complained. Some slide windows can be fitted securely to ensure that they are hard or almost impossible to open. This is however not the case for most slide windows and you should ensure that you choose slide windows that can be fitted securely.

- Kids

 When you have small kids then sliding windows may be very risky to have in your home. If someone happens to leave the window closed it is so easy for the kids to crawl out of the house and in they process they may harm themselves.

- Ventilation

 When sliding windows are closed you will realize that the ventilation may be very poor. This is because for most sliding windows you have to either open the windows entirely or shut them completely.

- Casement Windows

 These are windows that open with a crank handle and here you swing your window outside when you open the windows. The window pane has been hinged on one side and swings open when you crank the handle. There are different types of casement windows depending on whether the windows swing from up or down. The windows which swing from the bottom are usually used in basements and are very practicable in that case.

Casement Window VS Sliding Window



 This is a very important advantage since your house will remain ventilated all almost all the time. Poor ventilation is bad for your health and you will be very uncomfortable if you live in a home with very poor ventilation.

- Security

Since the casement windows have to be opened with a crank from the inside then you can be sure that your kids will be safe when you leave them at home. Since they cannot turn the cranks themselves they will remain the house. Since the cranks are found inside the house it will also be very hard for other individuals to get inside your house.

- Ease of Cleaning

 Since casement windows have a hinge they can be opened and left to hang. This makes the whole cleaning process much easier and you do not have to use ladders as is the case with window slides.

- Disadvantages

Ease Of Opening. Some cranks may be a bit too hard for your kids to open the windows. This is because some force is require to move the crank and your kids may not be as strong.

- Maintenance

 Since the casement windows use hinges you have to lubricate them constantly so that they can last longer.
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