Aluminum Grille Vs Invisible Grille

Singapore is one of those places in the world where you’ll find trendy home designs within and beyond the cityscape. These home designs are creatively done with contemporary fixings and accessories to ensure that the intended purpose is achieved beyond expectation. One such luxury accessory that would add detailed décor to your house and at the same time ensure that everyone - from toddlers to the elders - is safe is using grilles for your windows. The popular types in the country include: aluminum grille and Invisible grille. Both these types are operational and also safe, but the question that remains to be answered is which of the two actually stands out from the other.

Aluminum Grille Vs Invisible Grille

Aluminum Vs Invisible Grilles


When you use aluminum grilles for your windows you’ll notice that they are usually made on a panel which runs from side to side along a certain trough. This gives you an option to move freely when cleaning the window, but you should also be aware since it would be dangerous cleaning up when the grille is not in place. For the invisible grilles, they are strapped across using brackets positioned at the end of the designated grilled space.

These grilles are made out of thin steel wires which cannot be moved compared to the aluminum grilles which are easy to deal with while cleaning the windows. The best part about the inflexible invisible grilles is that they provide a permanent safety barrier to the window.


If you are thinking of using an unpolished grille to give your home a vintage feel, aluminum grilles are good for this. They would display a sense of old-fashioned luxury whether outside or inside the house. An invisible grille will give you an up-to-the-minute look that is visible at a distance but as you move close to it becomes tricky for the eyes to see. The thin steel lines of the invisible grille form an amazing view running horizontally along designated grille space.


Price is a critical factor when looking for the best grille for your home. Both aluminum and invisible grille are relatively inexpensive in Singapore. But when you scrutinize other factors for example; durability, the aluminum performance is highly exceptional. This is because of the fact that the grilles are hardy and most importantly corrosion-resistant.

 If your intention is to put hangars on the grille, avoid the invisible grille and embrace aluminum. Invisible grilles are not that stable and when you hang stuff on them they will become weaker. They also don’t have the same level of resisting corrosion when compared to aluminum grilles especially in coastal areas.

Aluminum Grille Vs Invisible Grille


Depending on what you will be dealing with, both aluminum grille and invisible grille installation can be made easier if you hire expert technicians to handle the job for you. Each of these two grille types require a certain level of expertise as well as tools to ensure that everything is effectually done. Once installed, the technician will highlight you on maintenance to ensure that the grille lasts longer.

So before choosing an appropriate grille to compliment and keep your home safe, it is important that you get a professional. He/she will consider your furniture, the structure of your house, and the measurement of your window to come up with an ample solution for your home. This will not only help you get the best grille type and design but also give you an easy time to come up with an appropriate grille.


The main purpose of a grille is keeping people including their household accessories safely secured within the house. They also help protecting invaders from getting access inside your home. When you choose to install an aluminum grille, you’ll protect yourself and belongings even when you forget to close your windows. But this is not the case with the invisible grilles because when the window is not locked, the steel wires can easily be clipped together when an intruder uses a tin-snip.

Whether aluminum or invisible, selecting your grille according to the above factors not forgetting the place where your home is located is strongly recommended. If the area’s security is quite tricky, experts recommend that you go for the stronger grille which in this case is aluminum. But unless otherwise, invisible grilles will also do your Singapore home a great grille-ing justice.
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