CCTV with Night Vision- Pros and Cons

Right now in Singapore, it has become an issue and not just fun or luxury to install CCTV Cameras with Night Vision in homes and even business places. This is because of how the criminal rate has risen and it very high in Singapore. At times, it becomes very hard to imagine how people lived when the CCTV Cameras were not there. The CCTV Cameras with Night Vision has been shown to have reduced the crime rate ever since their installation in homes was started.

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As much as the CCTV Cameras with Night Vision have added some value to the lives of people in Singapore, they have also come with some repercussions. You need to have a better understanding of how these products has been beneficial to us and at the same time how they have become burdensome to us. You can only have this understanding by weighing the pros and cons of installing the security cameras in your homes and offices. It is obvious and normal that there is nothing which only comes on the positive side but there must always be negative sides to everything.

Pros of a Night Vision CCTV Cameras

The night vision security cameras have proved to be very beneficial in the lives of those living in Singapore. This is because of how they have become suitable to use in both the homes and businesses. Below are the benefits of Night Vision CCTV Cameras.

. They give a reliable and efficient surveillance.
. They provide high-resolution images as opposed to other CCTV Cameras.
. The cameras provide an excellent capacity for image storage. This is enabled by the use of Digital Video Recorder as opposed to the videotapes.
. The cameras provide the continual recording.
. The cameras are programmable, and the user can program it such that it records at short and regular intervals like after every 10 or 5 seconds and so on.
All these advantages of the Night Vision CCTV Cameras have made it very easy for the residents of Singapore to have an easy time in protecting their property.

Cons of CCTV with Night Vision

The CCTV Cameras are of great benefit, but it becomes almost impossible to ignore the disadvantages. Here are some of the challenges of installing the CCTV Cameras with Night Vision.

. Just like other security cameras, these CCTV cameras are a bit costly. This has posed some financial baggage to the users especially those in areas that are not technically advanced. In Singapore, this might not be such a problem.

. The Night Vision CCTV Cameras prevents one from privacy.

Because of the increased crime rates in Singapore, these disadvantages will just have to be ignored. This is because security is an essential need which must be fulfilled first. For this reason, it is advisable that the night vision CCTV cameras be installed in common places like the kitchen, and common rooms. If by any chance the cameras are to be installed in bedrooms, then the owner of the room has to be informed first. This will help the user to switch the camera off if there is a need to do so.

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Factors to consider before installing Night Vision CCTV Cameras

Now that you have seen how essential it is to install the cameras, you have to look at some factors to consider before the installation. There is a need to make considerations on the following:

Consider the colored or black and white CCTV Cameras

The most recommended Night Vision Security Camera is the colored one. This is because they will always help in identifying things like the color of the car, subject’s hair, hue and even the clothing. The colored cameras are however only suitable where there is sufficient light.

Comparison between black and white cameras and colored cameras

. Color night vision security cameras have a lux rating which is between one and four while the black and white cameras feature a much lower lux rating. Lux rating is what measures the intensity of light according to the perception of the human eye.

. Color cameras give a video footage that is easier to view as opposed to those from black and white cameras.

. Black and white CCTV are intended for very poor lighting conditions featuring a lux rating from as low as 0.0003. On the other hand, color security cameras that are designed for poor lighting conditions may be more complex and costly as compared to the black and white ones.

. Color cameras have an added advantage of infrared sensors which are the essential features of night vision CCTV Cameras.

It is advisable that you go for the color night vision cameras if you desire explicit video footage. This is because these footage images are easier to view as opposed to those that come from the black and white models.

Consider the System you want to use

There is a need to consider between the Outdoor or an Indoor system. Both of the systems still give the ultimate security to a house or home.

Night Vision CCTV for Outdoor System. The camera for this system needs to be:

. Dust proof and water proof. This enables the camera to offer a reliable operation no matter the type of weather present.
. Beneath an overhang. This is for further protection against the harsh weather conditions.
. Having protective rain hood.
. Camera housing.

Some of the recommended areas of this system of night vision security cameras include the driveways, entrances, fence lines and walkways.

Night Vision CCTV for Indoor System- These cameras:

. Do not need to be waterproof.
. Should be installed in plain sight. This should be with recording indicators to prevent intruders who come after-hours for illegal activities.
. You can also blend the cameras in the decors so as to hide them from the intruders.

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Consider the Motion Detection of the Camera

This is a crucial capability mostly for the outdoor system, particularly at night. This can optimize the storage capacity of the DVR when it is correctly configured.

Consider the system connectivity of the Night Vision CCTV Cameras

The consumer needs to determine and choose between the wired or wireless camera systems. This will have to depend on the environmental and recording conditions of the cameras. Wired cameras are always very suitable for the indoors as opposed to the outdoor systems. The user can also decide to use internet protocol which computer user router for the camera system.

Consider the Number of Cameras in a system

Two or four cameras are always suitable to protect a small business or home for the exterior system. The number of cameras will, therefore, depend on the level of coverage. It is the number of cameras that will affect the level of investment in a system therefore much keenness is required when it comes to this.

There is a need therefore that you weigh the pros and cons then make the right choice of the Night Vision CCTV Cameras once a decision has been achieved. It is important that every home now in Singapore have a CCTV with Night Vision because of how the crime rates have increased in the area. However, the choice remains with the consumer.


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