The Ultimate Guide To Smart Renovation Planning

Remodeling their house is an exciting idea for any home owner. But the prospect of doing a house renovation poses so many opportunities and questions to any owner that creating a smart renovation plan can seem like a big challenge, even a nightmare, for those that are not used to planning well ahead. We are all limited by money, time, family, the law, and even nature's elements when it comes to renovating our home. That's why you need to design and follow a smart plan when you are going to renovate your house. Keep reading down bellow to get the most useful tips for a smart renovation planning.

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Renovating your house is exciting but if there's a case when you should ignore your heart, this is it. People tend to be too eager to jump to the construction phase and this usually entails that they haven't figured out a good plan of what they are going to do, how they are going to do it, and where the money is going to come from.

The best way to start a home renovation project is to take a few months to sort out your plan. Figure what are your priorities, think how you are going to finance it, and make sure that you have it all set up so that you can finish your project and still have some money left in your pockets. There's nothing more frustrating than canceling your home renovation halfway, with empty pockets, and your bills pilling up. So don't underestimate this step.


There are a million things that you can do in your house, and you might even be thinking on two million more things that you want to do. But when you are putting so much money and time into renovating your house you have to sort out your priorities. Can you really afford to have those beautiful oak kitchen cabinets that you always wanted? Maybe your money would be better used if you waterproofed your roof before the rains start.

Make a list of the things that you want to improve your house and weight their importance, and how feasible it is to get them finished with the time and money that you have at your disposal. Once that you have a clear idea of what you want then planning the rest will come easily.

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Before you take any further steps into planning your home renovation you should make sure that you are complying with Singapore laws and local construction standards. The Building and Construction Authority (BCA) is the organization responsible for approving building and constructions plans in the city. Not all renovations projects would require a permit from the BCA, so before you continue planning you should check out their site ( to make sure if you need to get a permit.


Money is probably the most delicate factor involved in home renovation. Financing can make or break a renovation project, and it is of the most crucial importance that you can have a steady flow of cash available to spend on your project before you start buying materials or hiring workers.

Many owners make the mistake of relying too much on credit to finance their renovation project. Credit cards are notorious for trapping owners with debts so high that they can't pay. Mortgages can be a good solution if you have planned adequately what you are going to do, but you have to be mindful of the interest rates and have the self-restraint to know when you're spending too much.

Your best bet when it comes to financing is to save most (if not all) of the money that you are going to use before you start building. That way if you run out of cash you can still make up by taking a small loan or just stop temporarily while you make more cash.

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The day has finally arrived. You have the money and you've already bought the materials that you'll need. Now all that is left to do is hire some workers and see how your project takes life of its own. Well, not so fast. There are some basic considerations to keep in mind when it's time to hire workers. A quality workforce can be the difference between having your dream house or having to pay another company to fix the mess they did.

Hiring a renovation company can seem expensive in the short run, but when you weight the price with the quality of the work and the security that they give you, you realize that they are worth every dollar. A good company will not only finish your project in time, but it will also save you money in the long run by sparing you from having to renegotiate wages in the future like it happens to many people who hire unscrupulous amateur builders.


No matter how well you have detailed every single expense that you will incur with your project something will always require you to spends more money and time in it. It doesn't matter if you think that you have determined the exact amount of nails or how many bags of cement you are going to need, some unpredicted event is going to happen and you are going to have to react to it.

Your best response to this element of randomness is to always plan for the unforeseen. Make sure that you have your goals in mind but don't close your mind to the possibility that your situation can change and plan good alternatives to keep your project going. Keep an eye on your finances, not just on how much you are expending on the project, but in every aspect of you and your families life, and always look for saving opportunities. A full bank account is the best life saver that your project can have.


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