Home Design Tips for 3 and 4 Room HDB Flats

HDB 3 and 4 room flats offer Singaporeans a cozy and adequate living space that they can make a home. Moving into your new home is usually exciting. Most of us usually jump in to decorate and organize our items in order to make our new house a beautiful cozy home. However, before decorating a HDB flat there are some procedures that should be followed. For instance, when renovating your new household one can only hire a HDB registered renovation contractor to help in the renovation and decoration of your home or you can do it self. These and some other HDB regulations if not followed could attract major fines, hence it is quite important to make sure you find out the regulations and follow them before you start decorating your house. Decorating your new home is quite a task but finding the decorating ideas is not the problem. Choosing one idea from all the ideas out there is the problem. There are so many home design magazines and websites to choose from. There are a number of factors you should always consider before choosing the design you want to use in decorating your apartment. First of all, is the theme that you would like your home to have and secondly the amount of cash you are willing to spend on your apartment decoration.

Home Design Tips for 3 and 4 Room HDB Flats

Here are some home design tips that you could use to make your home as beautiful and cosy as possible:

· You should always pick the paint colours of your new home last

It seems logical and convenient to pick the paint colours of your new house before you move into it. This is because you will get move into an already painted home and you will not have to deal with the wet paint. However, this is not the way to go, this is because you can only decide on the best colour of a room after considering the furniture and artwork in that particular room.

This will enable you to choose a colour that will complement the items in a particular room. Even if you were planning to use art work and furniture from your old apartment, it would still be a bad idea to paint your new home before moving in. This is because there are different tones and shades of every colour and these colours tend to look different from house to house depending on various factors such as different lighting. The paint that you used on your previous home may not be as beautiful in the new house.

· Your furniture should always be reasonably well spaced

For perfect and beautiful furniture arrangement, you should always avoid overcrowding a room. In the case of the living room, it would be better to have few well-spaced room rather than having a living room overcrowded with many cheap and unpleasant furniture. A living room should be spacious and have enough room for you to move around with ease. Furniture are long lasting, so there is no need of buying lots of cheap, low quality furniture that will end up boring you. It is better to acquire few but expensive but appealing pieces of furniture that will be trendy for a long period of time.

· Always try to hang your artworks in the best position.

We tend to place our artwork far higher than we should put them. Any art should be place at a height that is almost equal to the eye level of the average human. This will enable you, your family and guests to enjoy your various artworks without straining. This makes the artwork more visible, making your home seem more beautiful.

Home Design Tips for 3 and 4 Room HDB Flats

· You should try to arrange your furniture around your carpet in an organized manner.

The way you arrange your furniture around your carpet should depend on the size of your carpet. In the case of large carpet one could choose to place their chairs with all legs on the carpet while in the case of medium sized carpets one might decide to set only the front legs on the carpet. In the case of small rugs, you can place all your chairs and couches around the carpet with no legs on top of the carpet. This gives your house an organized and appealing look.

· You should always avoid basing the whole appearance of your home on a theme

One can decide to base some one or two artwork and a piece of furniture on a certain theme. However basing the arrangement of your whole home on a certain theme makes your house lack your personality. The house can have a theme, but most not completely your house should also have personal items such as your portrait or a family picture.

· Be bold

You house décor should display your personality. You do not have to follow all interior design guidelines that create to create a beautiful home. Some things that are sentimental to you should not be kept aside. Those items make up your personality and should not be kept for people to see even if they do not blend in with other items.

· Every room should always have a focal point

Every room should have an item that is quite conspicuous that every other item is set around. This item should be beautiful and should attract lots of attention. In the case of the living room, it could be the fire place, art piece or chandelier. In the bedroom the focal point is usually the headroom or sometimes an art work. All the other items in the room should arrange as if they are playing a supporting role to the focal item.

Home interior decoration is something that must be done in order for your house to become your home. When you follow these guidelines you will completely transform your new house into a beautiful home. However, one should always remember to keep the home cozy and not only focus on making the place beautiful. These designs will definitely provide great looks in either 3 or 4 rooms flats. Get advise from professionals in order to get the best results.


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