How Long Should The Curtain Be?

Curtains have both decorative and functional significance to a house. They come in various styles and lengths, and because of the personality they add to a room, it is important to get the appropriate curtain length right from the beginning. There is no universally acceptable curtain length: it is always up to the homeowner to decide which length of the curtains to settle for. This mainly depends on the type of the room, the use of the curtain and the general décor and architectural design of the house.


Additionally, the Housing and Development Board of Singapore does not regulate the length of curtains that should be installed indoors. A permit is also not required. Consequently, the length of the curtain is purely a matter of personal preference. This does not mean that an insured and licensed technician is not required to install it. It is always advisable to work with an expert.
The general atmosphere of the room dictates the length of the curtains to be used. Broadly speaking, the longer the curtain, the classier and dignified the look. Shorter curtains are less classic and formal.

Various lengths of curtains.

The length of a curtain is simply the distance from wherever the curtain is attached on the rod to its lowest edge. It is advisable to first know the length of the window or the area that you will need the curtain to cover. For instance, you can choose a curtain that will be 6 inches below the windowsill or 1 inch above the radiator. Windows mainly measure anything between 24 inches to 95 inches, but the curtain can be longer or shorter, depending on your taste. There are various classifications of curtain length types but the general ones include:

Sill-length curtains.

These curtains just hit the sill level. They are mainly used for casual settings like the kitchen. They are easy to maintain.

Apron-length curtains.

These curtains are very similar to the sill-length ones. The only difference is that while sill-length curtains fall just above or at the level of the sill, apron-length curtains fall about 4 inches below the sill. They make rooms appear shorter.
Floor-length curtains. Curtains of this length are very popular and they are the most widely used curtains in Singapore. This is because of their ability to offer a proper mix of sophistication and elegance. The curtains hit the base of the floor or just a few inches above it. They look good wherever they are, as they are able to hide the unevenness of the floor and the moldings at the base of the floor if there are any. However, they need constant maintenance.

Long Curtain

Puddle-length curtains.

These are the longest curtains. They are a few inches longer than the floor-length ones. Actually, about 10 inches of these curtains normally puddle on the floor. They offer a dramatic and formal environment that is suitable for family and living rooms.

Factors to consider when choosing the appropriate curtain length
Though the choice of the curtain length depends on your preference, you still have to consider several factors in order to make the right choice. Here are a few of these factors.

Why do you really need the curtains?

 If you are looking for a curtain for decorative purposes, then go for the floor-length or puddle-length ones. If you only want to block light, sill-length curtains will do. It will also be important to choose a curtain length depending on whether it will be used in domestic or commercial settings. You will need formal-length curtains for commercial settings and casual-length curtains for domestic purposes. If you want to block light, heat or cold, apron-length curtains will do.

The required style of the curtain.

You first decide the style of the curtains so that you can think of the length. The finish style will dictate the length of the curtain in some cases. Pencil pleat is good for sill-length curtains for example while French pleat style is good for puddle-length or floor-length curtains. The curtain length is also determined by the desired valance and pelmet styles.
The room in which the curtain will be used. Sill-length curtains are used in busy rooms such as the kitchen and the bathroom. Frequent movements and the need to draw the curtains frequently necessitate the use of these curtains in these rooms. Floor-length or puddle-length curtains will be awkward in these rooms. They are only good for bedrooms and other rooms that require formal, classy and romantic looks. They add a romantic feel to these rooms.

House Curtain

The design and the length of the window.

Each window is unique and it will require specific dimensions of curtains. For instance, a window that measures 32 inches by 60 inches with a 63-inch panel window will need a 63-inch long curtain, so that it just falls above the sill, if sill length is the preferred length.

The architectural design.

Some designs will call for specific curtain lengths. For instance, the room where the curtains are to be used could be designed to allow puddle-length curtains. With the incorporation of Computer Aided Design in modern building plans, it is possible to choose the right length of the curtains to be used in each room in accordance with the chosen style.
The opinions of experts. Consultation with building professionals and technicians also matters, as they are likely to know which length style is the best for your house.

Other factors such as the budget among other considerations also are also factored in. You expect that puddle-length curtains to be expensive, considering the fact that they normally come in luxurious fabrics. Whichever curtain length you choose, you should be cut your coat according to your financial cloth.

In a nutshell, the length of sash curtains, draw curtains and draperies should be chosen carefully and in accordance to the overall décor and design of the house. You need to take your time, listen to your heart and consider all the factors that come into play when installing curtains. This is the way to get the curtain length right from the outset.


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