How Much Does Painting A 4-Room Flat Cost?

Do you want to paint your 4-room flat but you have no clue what it would cost you? Have you been searching for professional and experienced painting service contractors in Singapore but with no luck? What budget have you set aside for the painting of your 4-room HDB? Singapore has a number of professional paining service companies that offer their services to individuals and companies of all sizes. Finding a good contractor is not hard as almost all contractors in Singapore are experienced and display professionalism. However, finding a contractor that is flexible enough to fit into individual budgets and needs is the rather hard thing.

How Much Does Painting A 4-Room Flat Cost?

Your budget

Most people In Singapore live in public houses provided by the Housing and Development Board (HDB). These flats can have a rather poor appeal if not taken care of properly. However, if owners do a good job in the interior décor and have their flat painted, they will have a remarkably striking flat for themselves.

Budget however, is always the number one consideration. Before getting a painting service contractor, you should determine how much you are able to spend on the paint job. Normally, most contractors in Singapore will charge approximately $600 - $ 1500 for HDB flat painting. This will of course depend on how many rooms you want painted, what kind of paint you prefer and other related services. A painting project will last for about two to four days depending on your specific needs.

Having fixed your budget for the painting project, you will now be able to find a contractor who will provide the best services and will not exceed your target budget.

You will also be able to carry out a comparison in order to determine which contractor offers the lowest-priced or most suitable package. This comparison should be carried out with a lot of caution as some contractors may reduce their prices but do a lousy job when it comes to the practical performance. In order for clients to avoid such lackluster painting services, they should consider reputable contractors and painting service companies.

How Much Does Painting A 4-Room Flat Cost?


The cost for painting HDB flats in Singapore varies depending on service providers, and the number of rooms to be painted. Generally, painting a 3-room HDB should cost you about $600 - $1100, a 4-room HDB should cost about $750 - $ 1350 and a 5-room HDB should cost about $1100 - $1500. These are estimated prices, but are subject differ depending on the service provider or contractor.

Generally, your contractor will offer you a range of color basic color choice for your walls. However, if you wish to have a variety of color painted on your walls-aside from the basic color package-, your contractor may ask that you pay an extra charge for each additional color.

Other than the color choices, you will also have to choose whether to have sealers and primers. If the house being painted is a brand new house, then the owner will have to consider having sealers and primers. This is because; the walls of newly constructed houses have a high moisture content in the walls and ceilings. This moisture usually affect the quality and finish of the painting. It makes the paint start wearing and peeling off after some time – about a month or so. You would expect your paint to last longer especially after spending a huge some for it, right? Well, to make the paint last longer, you should apply sealers before painting the walls.

There are two kinds of sealers, oil-based sealers and water-based sealers. The cost for these types of sealers differs. It will cost you about $500 to apply the oil-based sealers to paint a 4-room flat while for the water-based sealers, it will cost you about $450.


Finally, the cost offered by different contractor for painting HDB flats does not hint to the kind of quality service or professionalism you will receive. Some companies will offer competitively low prices but provide a poor painting service. It is always advisable to seek professional advice before setting out on a painting project. Most companies will not only tell you what kind of package suits your specific needs and budget, but also, give advice on paint color and the paint type that will be most suitable for your HDB flat. However, at the end of the day, you will have to make the right choice by your own.
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