How To Install Roller Blinds?

The reasons for choosing roller blinds over other window coverings are many. They are cost effective, easy to install, easy to maintain, offer more privacy, keep dust away more effectively and maintain temperatures in your home among others. If you live in HDB houses, then you can easily get roller blinds designed for your house and those that fit their color scheme.

How To Install Roller Blinds?

Preparations before installing the blinds

1. Talk with a professional

Go to people who are an authority in interior decoration. They will give you advice on the best roller blinds. They will help choose high quality products that will serve you for a long time. They will give you advice on what you need to do and save you from costly mistakes.

2. Let a technician take measurements

Before going on a shopping spree the windows and doors should be accurately measured. If you fail to take correct measurements the blinds will not work properly. In some cases they may prove useless, thus losing you money. It is important to get a qualified person to do the measurements so as to avoid mistakes.

3. Follow the instructions to install

Read the instructions carefully if you are going to fix the roller blinds on your own. There are video instructions that you can watch to lessen your difficulty. If you do not install them properly then you will have trouble closing and opening them. For those with no handy skill bone in them get an expert to do it for you. Most outlets will send someone to help you if you buy from them for free and others at a small fee.

What factors to keep in mind when considering installing roller blinds?

• Purpose

Roller blinds are made differently depending on where they will be put to use. There are those designed for living rooms, others for bathrooms, offices and kitchen so be specific when you go to a dealer to choose one. There are those meant for privacy and those meant to keep more dust away.

• Cost

The higher the quality of the blind the more you will pay for it. If you want a roller blind that is durable then you have to spend a little. Some factors that could help you bring the cost down may include;

How To Install Roller Blinds?

A. Window shop and compare the prices

Singapore has numerous outlets that deal with roller blinds. These shops offer different qualities of blinds ranging from expensive to very affordable. Look around and get yourself the best deal. High quality products that suit your home at an affordable price. By looking around you can find something you absolutely like and your choice pool is deepened.

B. Get an interior decor company that can install your blinds at an affordable price

Compare several companies before picking one. Go to their websites and read their testimonials. Ask your neighbors or friends for the best contact. Getting your roller blind installed by professionals takes less time. It also saves you future headaches of dealing with bad installation which may cost more money.

C. Choose the manual system

There are two groups of roller blinds those operated manually and the others are automatic. The automatic ones are obviously more sleek and preferable. However, if you are hard on cash pick the manual system which is not as terrible as it sounds. You can swiftly open and close them.

D. Shop on online stores

Online stores are more affordable because they do not incur overhead cost of physical shops. Compare the products and prices of various products. Then order the product and install it using the instructions enclosed with it.

E. Make your own blind

For those with proper skill they can make their own roller blinds by using the roller blind kit available in the market. This gives you the choice of choosing your desired fabric and color. You can also screw the blind to your wooden frame directly and skip the whole drilling process. This can save you some money, but not time.

• Fabric

Depending on where they will be placed you must be careful with the fabric. Bathrooms need lighter fabrics that can be cleaned frequently while bedrooms need heavy fabric to give absolute privacy. Some fabric is susceptible to mold and mildew growth so you may have to consider faux wood blinds especially in bathrooms.There are common mistakes people make when they decide to install roller blinds. All of these can be avoided by getting professional advice from an interior decoration and renovation company. They will choose suitable Blinds in terms of color, fabric and your budget take measurements and install them properly.
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