How To Make Your House Look Bigger?

Everyone would agree that a small space is a challenge that most homeowners face at some point in life. This means that you will be forced to cram your life into tiny spaces. Organizing your house to accommodate cabins, sofas, beds, tables, a TV, and other assets is an overwhelming task. However, many solutions will be handy in making your house look bigger, more inviting, utterly chic, lucrative and increasingly multi-functional. What are these tips? Let’s find out;


· Use mirrors

Mirrors have the power to create an illusion of a spacious room. Placing mirrors strategically in your room reflects light making your house look bigger giving you the peace of mind. Remember, your objective is to establish a sense of openness in your room. So, although the size of the room will remain the same, the eye will be deceived into perceiving a more spacious room. Additionally, the mirrors make your house brighter both during the day and night. Mirrors placed near windows are ideal since they reflect the outdoors. Mirrored cabinets doors can also do wonders.

· Furniture arrangement

Maximizing the arrangement of furniture in your house is another awesome tip. Furniture takes the largest percentage in many homes. For that reason, you should opt for multi-function furniture if you want to avoid space wastage. For instance, you should install beds that have drawers to store some stuff underneath or a chest that can serve as a sofa bed or coffee table. Moreover, large pieces of furniture should be placed against the walls to create an open space in your room. Pathways should be clearly isolated to avoid creating a congested illusion. Plenty of space must be allowed between your furniture.

· Appropriate lighting

It goes without saying that natural light opens up the inside of your room and makes it appear spacious. However, you may not be privileged to access enough natural light in your room. In this case, you can add a variety of creative lighting fixtures to enhance the look of your house. Trust me, this may seem small, but it can make a notable difference. On the other hand, if you are lucky to access adequate natural light, it is important to take the advantage of the large windows to bring the light in. This will connect the outdoors with your room making it look bigger. Sheer window coverings can be used to allow light into the room.


· Choose your colors well

White has lovable reflective qualities which open up any room, making it look bigger, light, serene and airy. White color does not only emphasize architecture but also simplifies a space. Remember, dull colors makes your room look cozy; they absorb much of the light making the room seem smaller and indecent. You should, therefore, opt for bright colors on the walls and floor. By doing so, your walls will appear as they are farther back making your house look bigger.

Cream, white, blue and pale gray colors are the best choices. These colors also affect your mood. Dark colors are off.

· Try breezy fabrics

Lightweight, breezy fabrics can do wonders. They have the ability to make your room feel airy and open. As a result, your room will look bigger and cozy. Light fabrics are the best as far as opening up your room is concerned. This is because heavy materials are known to absorb a lot of light making your room look dark and small. A good example of a lightweight material that can enhance openness in your room is linen. Linen creates a sense of airiness making your house “cool”.

· Overall room organization

You should keep in mind your room’s tidiness and organization. Too much stuff makes your room cramped; especially if it is a small spaced room. This means that if you keep your house neat, it will look orderly and open. Unnecessary stuff must be kept out of sight to trick the eye of the room is big when it is not actually. There is an illusion that covering your walls with pictures makes the room cozy. However, this is not always the case. Those pictures make the room crowded. So, if you want to enhance the beauty of the room, one large painting should be prioritized. When it comes to the floor, it should be kept as clear as you can. Rugs and other items should be kept away to trick the eye that the room is bigger.

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· Use storage furniture

The small available space should not be misused. It is good to install dual-use furniture to minimize space wastage. Entryway benches should be equipped with storage space so that you can store your shoes instead of cramping them on the way into the house. Study tables should have storage spaces for books to allow easy storage of extra books. Storage furniture also fulfills your dream of having scaled down furniture in your home. It is better to have few large pieces of furniture than having small pieces that are scattered all over. Many pieces make the room smaller.

· Maximize the vertical space

It is important to understand those tall shelving units ensures that your room to reach its full potential. Emphasizing vertical space also enhances flow and movement. However, you should not fill all the shelves. Leave some shelves empty if you want to have a spacious and dramatic look. You can install a vertical shelf that runs from the floor to the ceiling.

· Maintain a low profile

Typically, small pieces, such as, furniture creates a feel of openness. This is because they leave sufficient space above them tricking the eye that the room is bigger. Furniture and Mirrors should be placed near the ground to enhance a romantic look. When the upper half of the room is left virtually open, a great illusion is created.

Final verdict

Living in a spacious house helps you to reap the fruits of a luxurious life. You can enjoy maximum living arrangement without much hassle. Remember, a crowded house is not any fun. It makes life boring and uneventful. So, what are you waiting for? Employ the tips in this article and soon your dreams will be turned into realities.


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