Is Led Light Good For Eyesight?

Most people are replacing their incandescent lights with light emitting diode lighting solutions because of the cost benefit and efficiency which LEDs are known to offer. These lights are directional and are environmental friendly. The amount of emissions which they emit is lower when compared to what incandescent lighting systems produce. However, some concerns about LED damaging eyesight have recently come up and many people are really concerned about their safety.

     Led Light Good For Eyesight

Researchers have found out that the blue band of LED spectrum produces a lot of radiation and this can lead to damage of the eyesight slowly. This is a problem which may take some time before being discovered, but definitely gets worse over time. Although the ultraviolet light spectrum which is produced by LED is more similar to that of natural sunlight, it has the potential to damage your retina especially when you get closer to it. Because of this, people are more concerned about the amount of damage which could occur to their retina.

But it should be known that damage to the eyesight can only be suffered when you get exposed to high intensity blue wavelength for an extended period of time. This effect can be similar to eyes that are dizzy, sore and fatigued which is as a result of being on a computer screen for an extensive period of time. Also, people would experience headaches consistently.

Nonetheless low frequency ripple flicker causes the eyes pupil to make some adjustments therefore making the eye strain. Since the pupil cannot keep up with the adjustment, a strong light will perhaps hurt the retina. Also, the excessive light is more likely to cause a photomechanical damage to the eye.

A very little variation in voltage of light that hits the eye can cause massive shocks and this can damage your eyesight considerably. If the change in brightness is in low frequency, the eye’s pupil will continue adjusting hence inducing a myopia or eye strain in the long run. For long term exposure, the retinal degeneration will progress but at a slow pace.

Also, LED lights are known to bring invisible ripples which cause malaise and visual impairment. Also, some light emitting diode solutions emits infrared which are responsible for cataracts. Nonetheless, ultraviolet is also known to be one of the components which are emitted by LED light and prolonged exposure to it could lead to muscular degeneration. Other than causing retinal injury and death of apoptotic cells, a very strong blue light can be linked to muscle degeneration. People who get exposed to high intensity blue LED light wavelength stand higher chances of getting cataracts when they are at an advanced age.
Led Light Good For Eyesight

Solutions to these problems

It is undeniable that LED light continues to offer many awesome benefits, save for the eyesight problems which it tends to cause when people are exposed to high intensity blue spectrum for an extended period of time. However, this problem can be solved by fixing an integrated voltage regulator which helps to do away with the ripple effect. This will help in easing the variation in voltages therefore making it a little friendly for the eye. As a matter of fact, there is no high frequency or low frequency ripple flicker and so when the frequency of the brightness is kept at a constant level, vision is protected to the maximum. This means that even with the longest exposure period possible, no degeneration of the cornea is to be experienced.

Also, these negative effects can be removed by making use of an upright technology which helps to guarantee optimal vision, health and eyesight. It’s advisable to put in place a mechanism which helps you to protect your eyes from ultra violet light and the blue light which are responsible for most of the damage to your eyes. This is an area which every home owner with LED light installed should start working on.

The use of tints and filters in our homes also help to reduce the effects which ultra violet radiation offer. When exposed to over a long period, ultra violet radiation is known to have a damaging effect. While some types of ultraviolet radiation are blocked by the earth's atmosphere, a huge percentage still reach us and this is where using filters and tints can be of help. Most filters have the capacity to block both ultraviolet rays and blue rays therefore making it highly recommendable.

The use of high quality sunglasses provides a fantastic method of protecting yourself against the harmful effects of LED light. You should understand that cheap dark lenses may damage your eyes more than if you would not wear anything, so you have to ensure that the quality you choose has what it takes to shield you from ultraviolet rays. Also, it’s advisable to use blue blocking lenses especially on a bright sunny day because it will help in reducing the effect of these particular rays on body muscles. It is a fact that most people who suffer from muscles and related conditions get troubled by glare therefore making it hard for them to see the steps or hazards that exist in the area. By using blue blocket5s, images will look much bigger while contrast can be improved significantly. Luckily, it is not hard finding blue vision blockers since they can be ordered from local specialty shops or online.


While LED light is good for the eyesight, environment and cost friendly, prolonged exposure to blue wavelengths can have detrimental effects. There are many easy ways that can be used to prevent your eyesight from being damaged by light emitting diode lighting solutions and if you implement them, there is no doubt that you will find this form of efficient and environmental friendly lighting solutions being a great choice. The use of filters, positioning your LED lamps upright and pointing the bulbs in proper directions can assist with reducing the side effects which the light emitting diode solutions offer. The above methods can help you deal with the potential long term side effects which can be associated with LED lights.


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