Designing Your Home Garden Using A Grass Carpet

Hello and welcome to my page. Thank you for sparing your time to visit this site that is certain to provide you with all the information you need to know about installing grass carpets in your garden. Are you living in Singapore and do you want to install a grass carpet but you are wondering how to go about it? If so, I have good news for you.

Home GardenGrass Carpet

Initially artificial grass carpets, commonly referred to as synthetic grass carpets were renowned to be very costly tufts made for the noble and royal families. However with the recent advancements in home and design industries, there has been many grass carpet campaigns that have not only helped end this belief but also made their manufacturers to lower their high and unreasonable prices.

Additionally, the number of the grass carpet manufacturing industries has increases in Singapore and therefore the increased competition has resulted in reasonable pricing. It is for this reason that most people in Singapore have adopted the use of these artificial grass carpets to beautify their homes and gardens.

You can attest that maintaining green grass in your garden is more of a struggle than a hobby; starting from planting to watering, weeding and later trimming it to get the perfect look. Adding insult to injury is the destruction by your pet and children. At times you feel like crying and giving up on your garden but still you cannot resist the thought of owning a wonderful looking garden. It is for this reason that I present these easy to follow steps on how to design your garden using grass carpets.

Step 1: Preparing the Garden

· Start by removing the top soil layer.
Sweep all the dry leaves if any and then dig up the top level soil up to a depth of about 3.5 inches in order to create a perfect base to lay your grass carpet. Please ensure that you remove all the grass and plant roots from the surface. After doing this leave the area to dry completely so as to prevent the wet soil from sinking. After the area is completely dry, try walking on the base or using a heavy roller to smoothen and harden it. It is recommended that you make a slope to allow for easy drainage.

· Plan the drainage.

The type of drainage system depends on the type of soil in the garden. Luckily, if your garden has well drained soil there is no need to install drainage pipes. However, if the soil is poorly drained please install a drainage system before continuing. The recommended diameter is six inches for the drainage pipes.

· Set up a waterproof border.

This is recommended so since it prevents your garden from cracking in the middle and sinking. The border keeps the area intact and therefore it should be a must-have for your garden. Caution: Ensure that this border does not extend beyond above the carpet surface or flooding will occur due to poor drainage.

Home GardenGrass Carpet

Step 2: Setting Up the Base

· Construct a firm base.
The materials required for the base are gravel, small crushed rock and festering granite with a particle content of below ten millimeters. After purchasing these materials, simply hire an expert to fill the garden area with this mixture. For maximum results, ensure that the mixture is used up to 3.5 inches to prevent sinking and flooding. Quantity surveyors recommend that you use a cubic yard of the mixture for every one hundred square feet of the area under construction but please ensure you follow all the estimates provided for your materials.

· Ensure gradient.

This is the most important thing towards owning a beautiful garden. Use a lever to create a slope that leans towards the drainage system. Recommended estimates are 2.5 foot drop for every 100 feet of the base.

· Compact the area.

Start by sprinkling sand lightly on the base in preparation for hardening. Next uses a vibratory roller, hand compress or plate compressor to harden the base surface. For maximum results, the vibratory roller is the best. It is not a must that you purchase these tools since they are availed for hire in tool stools all over Singapore. The importance of compressing is to ensure the ground is firm and is ready for the carpet to be laid. After all this is complete, leave the garden base to dry. We are almost done now so ensure that you spread out your artificial carpet in the sun to get rid of the creases and rolls caused during transporting it.

Step 3: Setting up the lawn

Here is the step that you have been waiting for since the start.
· Lay the grass carpet tufts.
Start by measuring the area to be covered and spread out the carpet tuft strips. Work with a partner here when laying the strips over the base and avoid dragging them over the surface. Note that a majority of the artificial grass carpets have the grass blades leaning towards one direction and hence maintain uniformity when laying the strips. This will ensure that you achieve the nature green grass look.

· Cut the carpet carefully where necessary.

Use a carpet cutter when cutting the tufts in accordance to the shape of your garden edges. Be careful not to spoil your carpet.

· Join the carpet strips together.

It is advisable that you purchase a seaming product that is produced by the same company that made your synthetic carpet. Join the pieces by laying a tough outdoor tape on the base surface and then place the two pieces on top of it. Alternatively, lift both pieces, apply the seaming paste on the lower side of their edges and place them on the base surface together. Remember to press them hard while at the same time ensuring they do not move. Leave the strips to dry and stick together.

· Sprinkle infill particles on the lawn surface.

This will help keep the grass blades supported. Brush off the excess particles and finally water the whole garden to make the in filled particles settle.

Now leave the garden overnight and check the results the next morning. Trust me you will love the new look of your garden.


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