Laminate Flooring VS Parquet Flooring

Flooring determines the look of any house from inside and it is therefore an integral part of a house. Good flooring provides the feet with a pleasant feeling. Laminate and parquet flooring are types of flooring that prevalent at Singapore. So, what are the differences and similarities of laminate flooring Vs parquet flooring? Well, let’s find out:

Laminate Flooring VS Parquet Flooring

Pros and Cons of Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is easier and cheaper to install than parquet flooring. This particular material can easily be installed on top of any existing floor. This means that you do not need to demolish, prepare, and dispose the old flooring materials in order to create a new floor, hence saving you from the extra cost of doing all that. 

The installation process of laminate flooring is very easy and for those who like doing it yourself find it enjoyable. Several years ago, you had to physically glue every piece together and this used to be a hard work to do alone. These days, some interlocking planks just work with the dry glue which is already been applied on the slots of every piece of this flooring materials. You only need to use a moist sponge to make the glue sticky when fitting them. 

This type of flooring is highly scratch and dent-resistant. For instance, if you have kids, pets or even high-traffic areas around your house, laminate flooring is a must for you. They are very durable since there is protective layer which shields the underneath photographic part.

Laminates are also easy to clean since they aren’t fussy just like real wood. With this type of flooring in your house, you don’t need any special detergent or tools to make it clean. You only need to vacuum or broom the surface and everything is removed with ease. 

The floors are also prone to warping, making them suitable to be installed in areas where there is continuous high-moisture. 

Despite laminate flooring have great advantages; they also come with their own shortcomings. For instance, the floors made of this material are noisy compared to other types of flooring. It has a tendency of sounding hollow when walking on it. Even if you install an acoustic undercoating, the noisy effects won’t completely get eliminated. 

Pros and Cons of Parquet Flooring

Parquet flooring adds beauty and warmth to the surroundings. For many years now, this type of flooring has been in use especially among royalty and wealthy people. When this flooring is properly designed and installed, it brings a great sense of beauty into your house. 

This type of flooring is also easy to maintain and care for. Always remember that any rough materials and abrasive cleaners should not be used on the parquet surfaces. The parquet flooring will look and sparkle at its best with just a regular cleaning and sweeping with the compatible cleaners. 

Just like laminated floors, parquet flooring can also last for several years with proper care and maintenance. For long lasting, always make sure the floor is kept clean and properly sealed. Try as much as possible to prevent humidity or moisture. 

Floors made from this material also add a great value to your house. Proper installation and quality material choice are some important factors. Without this, the results may turn out to be unsatisfactory. Generally, homes installed with this type of flooring are expensive compared to those with floors of different materials in the real estate market. 

Additionally, this particular flooring can be done in various designs and patterns. You can easily install decorative patterns, which looks beautiful in all places in your house. It also provides a unique look, which sets it apart from several other types of flooring like laminate flooring.

Parquet flooring is susceptible to scratching. This means that they are prone to scratch by small and sharp objects. It’s also costly to repair and restore its original appearance once damaged. This makes it a must to clean it more frequently to remove any dust or dirt that might cause abrasion. 

When this material is exposed to bright or direct sunlight for a quite long time, can discolor and fade easily. In addition, parquet flooring can also be damaged from excessive humidity and moisture. 

In conclusion, both laminate and parquet flooring have their own benefits and shortcomings. If you are planning to have your house installed with any of these flooring materials, then the above-discussed points can help you to make the right decision.

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