Most Common Interior Design Problem

Getting it all right with your interior design is not an easy task. There are chances of messing up and live in a dull house. Well, the problem is that many people do not know the interior décor common mistakes that they keep making. If you ever want to give your room the best appearance from the inside, these are 10 problems that you should avoid at all times;


1. Limited variety

It is tempting to go for a matching appearance for your indoor decoration. This will be disastrous and you should avoid it. If you have a favorite color; do not make it the only choice. Go for other close shades that will bring some diversity. So if you go out to buy your decoration stuff buy from different stores and ensure you have a variety.

2. Lack of a Focal point

This is one of the common problems that many people come across. Leaving out a focal point is tantamount to create design chaos in your room. For your living room you can have the TV as your center of focus. You will be able to rest your eyes at a point and relax as you enjoy the ambience of your home. For larger rooms you can have more than one focal point whilst small rooms only deserve a single point.

3. Avoiding clutter

There is always the temptation to have more decorations in your rooms. As much as it is advisable to bring in as much variety as possible in your indoor décor; there is a limit to it. Do only what is necessary to ensure that your rooms are not overcrowded. Space out your accessories and ensure that they make flawless patterns. If anything blocks a better view you should have it shifted or removed for good. You better have scanty decors than have a chocking effect that will make your rooms boring.


4. Inability to show your personality

Your house should speak volumes about you. But not many of you know how to bring out your personality from the inside of your house. Your house walls and antiques should tell a story of you. Lack of personality will be a loud message of boredom. Do not be afraid to bring out who you are in your interior decor. After all you are the one to live in here so should make it exciting for you and for others to appreciate you.

5. Pushing all your furniture against the wall

Novices and even experienced room designers will want all the seats and tables against the wall. It is great to have all furniture out of your way but what does that mean for your interior appeal? There will be less space and this is not what you need. It is not an offence to have furniture against the wall but you should not have it all there. Have some placed in the open space. You will create an illusion of space even though your rooms may be small.

6. Ignoring the importance of a budget

If you think interior décor is not worth a budget; think again. You need a budget to have all what you need. You will not overspend but will only have what you need. You should buy one thing at a time and ensure that it will add value to your house. You cannot do your house décor in one day. Take time to know what you really want for your indoor designing.

7. Choosing your furniture before making a choice of paint colors

The rule of the thump is to have your furniture in sync with the paint color over the walls and cabinets. But many people disregard this and go ahead to pick their furniture way before deciding on the color of their walls. Now you will have a problem finding a balance between the tow. It is recommendable to have the paint chosen firs and the follow that up with your furniture.

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8. Poor lighting

More often than not, you will find yourself a victim of poor lighting. That happens when you block most of the natural light. You should place your windows in such a way that you can allow most of light from the outside to keep your rooms vibrant. Get rid of all obstructions over the windows and you will have dealt better with such a problem. You can also add overhead lighting to give your house adequate light during cloudy days and the night.

9. Forcing in something that does not fit

Any furnishing you make in your room should fit just like tight jeans would. If you go for small furniture you will have the risk of leaving large empty spaces. Too large furniture will also take up all the space and create a dull theme in your room. You should only have what fits in your house. If something is spoiling the appeal of your room then do no force it. You better have a few decors that complement your house other than having many of them with boring end results.

10. Disregarding the sense of proportion and scale

Everything in your house should be in relative balance with each other. There is always the urge to have large frames mounted on the walls and create chaos in terms of scale and proportion. To deal with this issue you should strike balance with all you have in your house.

Quick tips to get it all right with your interior decor

· Do not be rigid, try new ideas and see how they work out for you
· Choose versatility. For instance, if your house is small and you crave for space you can add in accessories that make it appear big.
· Get a professional to do it for you. In Singapore you can get competent interior designers who will get the job done. Leave the job to the experts.
· Do not overdo anything. Color, patterns and accessories should be limited. Overdoing anything will create clutter in your house.
· Be creative with your layout

Your home is the place you should find happiness and comfort. Make this happen by doing the right thing with your interior designing. It is easy to get the best out of your rooms and you will always look forward to being at home. Good luck with your interior décor!


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