Pleated Blinds Vs Rainbow Blinds

The binds used on windows are a kind of window coverings that are used to control various things. Many different types of window blinds are used these days for different purposes. Typically these blinds are made of vertical or horizontal slats of different types of hard materials like plastic, metal or wood so that they can be controlled collectively with the help of a string running through these slats. These blinds can be operated manually as well as remotely to open or close the slats by rotating them to let the light in the room or stop it outside.

Roller Blinds

Types of window blinds

Various types of window blinds are used these days to cover up the windows effectively. Venetian blinds, roman blinds, Persian blinds, roller blinds, vertical blinds, horizontal blinds along with pleated blinds and rainbow blinds are some of the blinds types which are used in most residential properties these days to block out UV sunrays and dust and dirt. The main differences in all of these window blinds are in their style, operation types, and materials used. Here in this write-up pleated blinds and rainbow blinds are compared so that you can easily opt for any of them as per your preferences.

Pleated blinds

Pleated blinds are the window shades made to add texture to your room from a pleated fabric. They are commonly used as a versatile and attractive alternative to roller or venetian blinds. They are also known as cellular blinds or honeycomb pleated blinds as they are one or two layers of pleated blinds joined at the pleats to give a honeycomb like look that improves the insulation of your room by trapping air in its cells. These blinds are also considered as sound absorbent and energy efficient blinds due to their cellular formation. You can increase the level of their insulation and energy efficiency by using the cells of various sizes like single cells of  inch or double cells of 3/8 inch or triple cells. Their efficiency will increase with the increase in number of cells used on the plated blinds.

Operation of pleated blinds

These blinds are pulled up to hide away flat from the sight at the top of a window when it is opened. They are attached to very thin rails at the top and bottom to draw them up to hide them at the top of the window. In this way these blinds take lesser space for storage than the blinds of other types. These blinds can also be motorised in residential properties for the safety of pets and children.

Drawback of pleated blinds

The only drawback of pleated blonds is that its hollow chambers allow the small insects to crawl in and die there which makes their removal a bit difficult.

Pleated Blinds

Rainbow blinds

Rainbow blinds are among the other commonly used types of blinds which are used to improve the looks of the interior of a space. They can help in enhancing your interior with minimum efforts, especially when you are moving to an all together new place. They can increase your joy of living by giving amazing twist to your interior.

Major features of rainbow blinds

Colorful and vibrant: Rainbow blinds can make the environment of your living or working space happening and vibrant along with creating a fun theme for them to make them appreciable by the visitors as they are made of colorful materials.


The material used in making rainbow blinds is another thing to be considered while buying them. Normally they are made of different materials including the aluminum, plastic, vinyl or ply to make them strong, durable and attractive. The materials used in these blinds have their own properties to face the effects of extreme weather conditions for long time. The blinds made of light weighted materials like vinyl are considered to be the best as they are easy to operate and maintain.

Variety of sizes:

Another thing to be considered while buying rainbow blinds is their suitability to the size of your windows. These blinds are available in various sizes from which you can choose as per your requirement. In fact appropriate size of your blinds as per the size of a window can enhance the looks of your room. The situation can become odd if you use longer or bulky blinds on the windows smaller in size.

Rainbow Blinds

Exposure to the heat and humidity:

The material used for making rainbow blinds should be able face the exposure to the humidity and heat for long time. For this reason fabric is not a preferable material for making these blinds as it can damage with overexposure to heat and humidity. In that case, a close knit blind made of some tough material like vinyl can be the perfect choice.


Rainbow blinds are also available in vertical as well as horizontal models. You can choose from them as per your choice while installing them in your office or home. The difference in these models will please you after their installation at your place.

Therefore, by installing rainbow blinds at your residential or commercial space can add texture, style and color in its environment. These double layered blinds are also made of perforated or sheer material like polyester to give modern and neatly stylish look to the entire interior of your space. Along with offering great versatility these blinds can also improve your privacy, filter the sun gently or totally block the sun rays out of your room simply by adjusting the space between their stripes. Moreover you can roll them up to the top of the window or half way as per your requirement of light in your room.

In this way, rainbow blinds can blend a contemporary decor in your rooms along with giving a flawless view of outside. So these blinds are the best choice for you if you want to combine luxury and functionality on your rooms.

Thus, after comparing the features of pleated blinds and rainbow blinds you can easily choose the suitable one for your home or office to give them a new decor.


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