What Are Some Of The Best Window Grill Material?

Window grills have been used for many decades and their main traditional purpose was to offer heightened security by keeping intruders away. This is still one of the main reasons why many homes feature such grills although issues of aesthetic beauty have also become a driving factor. Gone are the days when window grills were considered unsightly. Besides, these were grills made for prison windows and the modern home-design grills feature unmatched robustness and decoration. Finding a good grill design for your window should not be a daunting task. Nonetheless, these grills can be made out of various materials and each presents independent advantages as well as concerns. Here are some of the best window grill materials to consider for your home or office but first, it is important to describe best material attributes:


What makes a good material for window and door grills?

When it comes to choosing materials used for making grills, there are many options to consider. Although metals are the most common and preferred option, grills can be made from any material. The main requirements for a grill material are safety, strength and sturdiness. This is because the primary function of installed grills is to prevent unauthorized entry through windows or doors which are the vulnerable points in any building. A good material will be strong and durable with resistance to weather elements. The material should also be lightweight, rust-free and easy to maintain. Cases of burglary through windows have been constantly increasing which is why the type of grill chosen must depict ultimate strength and sturdiness. The four main attributes that make the best grills include the following:
• Lightweight and easy to mold
• Easy to clean and maintain
• Safe for human exposure
• Strength and durability

The best materials

As aforementioned, window grills can be made out of any material that presents strength and sturdiness. However, there are many such materials and each presents a varying level of strength. Different materials also have other unique properties that may well be the sales point or critic for abandoning such options. Some of the best materials available in the market include;

• Aluminum –

This is without a doubt one of the best window grill material you can choose for your new landed property or refurbishment. Aluminum is lightweight and very easy to mold into any desired design. Aluminum is also easy to clean and does not permit dirt, dust or grime to stick onto its surface. The material is equally very durable which is why it is the most preferred in electrical wires and home cookware. It offers desirable durability and low maintenance which are some of the main values home owners seek in window grills. What’s more, aluminum has one attractive property of being rust-free which means there is no worry of exposing it to water and other solutions. It is quite resistant to chemical corrosion and all known cleaning agents will work perfectly with aluminum based grills.

Window Grill

• Wrought Iron –

Iron is another common window grill material that you can opt for especially if you need the traditional sturdiness aimed at by prison grills. Iron is very difficult to break apart and forms a perfect choice for those who live in areas with high burglary and crime rates. Wrought iron is strengthened for durability and also line with a rust-free coating to prevent rusting and for easy maintenance. If house security is the priority reason for installing the grill, the wrought iron is the most recommended choice since it averts burglars and prevents any unwanted intrusion.

• Bronze –

Window grills are not only installed for security enhancements. Modern designs are styled to complement home and office décor, arrangements and designs. Bronze is one of the best materials to choose when it comes to choosing grills for aesthetic appeal. It forms a shiny finish that can be altered to harmonize with existing decoration while still providing optimum sturdiness and durability. Bronze alloys are very strong and prevent intruders from getting their way in. bronze is also easy to clean and maintain, being of a lower weight than iron.

• Metals –

Metals were the traditional choice for installing door and window grills. It was a common practice to install strong non-breakable steel and metal grills in prisons and other restricted access spaces. There are different types of metals that can be sued in making grills. However, metals are susceptible to weather elements and often require some form of blending or finish/coatings to prevent such impacts. Nonetheless, metals provide unmatched sturdiness and are perfect for buildings that contain high-price valuables or those that are frequently attacked by burglars.

Window Grill Material

• Alloys –

Metal alloys are becoming very popular in making window grills. This can be mainly attributed to their aesthetic nature and improved properties. Alloys are basically made to improve metal properties and prevent issues of rust, fragility as well as corrosion. Alloys made of silver, bronze and steel are very strong. They also present a perfect choice to complement indoor decoration and arrangement.

When choosing window grill materials, it is important to consider various factors that range from security of the area to type of windows and existing spaces. This will help you identify the best option for your windows. It is also important to acknowledge that not all grills are same even if they are made of the same material. Alloys for instance have varying properties which is influenced by the combination ratios. Companies producing these materials also have different reputations, production processes and brands. Not all aluminum grills offer the same level of stability and durability. The best option is to buy grills from credible licensed distributors who can guarantee top quality genuine materials.


There are many other materials that can be chosen for grills. However, the above list contains the best materials used for most modern grills. It is important to remember that security is the primary function of grills and any metal chosen should exhibit ultimate strength. Modern designs are made for both security and aesthetics. Some even include elements of convenience. Grills such as slide and hang window grills can be installed and removed from inside the house. This makes them convenient and safe especially during emergencies like fire or when urgent escape is needed. Regardless of the grill design, sturdiness features must always form priority consideration.


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