Where Can I Find Curtains For Home Theatre?

The curtains are used in home theatres in Singapore for various purposes including providing a dramatic effect to its environment along with keeping the light out of it. Various types of drapes are used in the household theaters to give different type of effects to its mysterious atmosphere. If you only want to cover the screen of your theater then you can use any of the unlined drapes but if you want to use it for keeping the light out then you will have to use lined or blackout curtains.

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Along with controlling the light out of the theater curtains are also used in Singapore for improving the decor of the room as well as suppressing the noise inside the room to improve its sound quality for the people enjoying the program or movie in the home theatre. They are also used in household theaters to give them a feel of traditional theaters at a very affordable cost. But what ever be your purpose to install drapes in your theater the purpose of this write up is to guide you how and where to find the curtains for it.

Where to find home theatre curtains?

You can find ready-to-use drapes or fabric for the curtains for your home theatre in Singapore from various online or offline stores. You can buy them from any of these sources but there are certain basic things to be focused on while buying them.

How to find home theatre curtains?

Color and texture:

While buying curtains for your home theatre you should focus on dark shades and non-shinny fabrics instead of bright colors and shinny fabrics as they may not stop light coming from out side and noise within the theater which is your main purpose to install them. You can also choose velvet drapes from a number of color options to use for this purpose. You can customize these drapes as per your needs to create a more compatible environment in your theater. You can also order for drapes made of different types of fabrics instead of velvet to make them more suitable for your theater according to their purpose.

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Use of lined or blackout curtains:

 Unlined curtains may not keep the light out and suppress the inside noise effectively in the home theatre due to their single layer. So in order to control the noise and light effectively you should either use blackout or lined curtains in your theater. Unlined drapes can be suitable to cover the screen of your home theatre as they may give the feel of traditional theaters by raising them at the start of the movie. They can also be used to decorate the other parts of the room to give new look to its environment. Thicker curtains on the door and windows of your theater can be a good choice as they will effectively suppress the noise and improve the quality of sound in it. You can also use acoustic curtains made of special materials, available in the market, as they can absorb and dampen the room sound more effectively and make the sound of speakers much better.

Automation of curtains:

Some people also motorize the drapes in their household theatres to make their operation more convenient and effective. Though these curtains can considerably increase your cost but they help in adding special effect in the room. You can use remote controlled draperies for this purpose. After finding the curtains of your choice for your home theatre you will have to make enough room to stack them in open condition. You can make this room on either or both sides of the door or screen as per the suitability of your curtains. Thicker and lined drapes may need more room than unlined ones. You must have enough room to stack your drapes as it can not be left over the screen after starting the screening of the movie. If you do not have enough room on either side then you can either split the curtain into two to stack half on each side or make arrangements to pull them upward to give a unique effect.

Thus you can find curtains for your home theatre in Singapore to give it a feel of traditional theaters.
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