7 Tips On Condominium Renovation

Living in a condominium in Singapore would usually mean less space to move around. However, all of us need space and while it is not possible to increase the floor area of the condo, it is certainly possible to renovate the condo in such a manner that the space becomes free and usable to make the condominium appear spacious.

7 Tips On Condominium Renovation

Here are top 7 tips to check out before renovating a condo:

1. Go white, light and bright

The fact that a condo is smaller than a standalone house makes it important to devise strategies to make every room look as spacious as possible. One of the major contributors to space is the paint on the wall. Paint opens up the space and creates an illusion of spaciousness. It however remains important that you consider the tastes of every occupant of the house before choosing the paint for your walls. It is best to go with neutral shades because no one dislikes them. If you find that the paint on the walls is intact, you may go for a thorough wall cleaning and paint touch ups at high traffic areas.

2. Replace what is under your feet

A renovation tip that will not eat into your pockets is changing the flooring. A change of flooring heavily affects the interiors of the room. A light colored carpet can have the same effect as getting a wall painted in light shade. However, if you plan to rent the property after renovation, it is recommended that you go for dark colored flooring.

3. Change the handles

An amazingly effective way to give a new look to your condo kitchen or bathroom is by replacing the door handles of all the cupboards with brand new knobs. You will be surprised at the way it brings the element of freshness to your kitchen or bathroom.

4. Create clean lines through storage

Go for addition of storage space to each room. One of the clever ways to do so is by adding design features such as a day bed on the balcony which opens up into a storage trunk. Another good idea is to get a kitchen island erected underneath which you can store your utensils. When the surfaces are clean and free, the apartment looks more open and relaxed.

7 Tips On Condominium Renovation

5. Reorganize

Moving furniture to new places does help. Try to free the walls by arranging the furniture in the middle of the room. This will bring the focus on the center of the room and open the space outside. Break up a room into smaller sections to set up smaller usable sections within a room creates depth. Carve out a small seating area with a small table and two chairs and section them off by placing them in a corner. Make distinct sections for dining and exclusive sitting area.

6. Don’t forget the approvals

One of the most important things to bear in mind while carrying out major condominium renovation is to take appropriate permissions from the authorities to do so. Some builders do not allow any renovation which may alter the facade of the building. Some of the activities that may need approval include putting up a new kitchen, building a balcony, knocking out a wall or replacing the frames of windows.

7. Use what you already have

If you are fortunate enough to have a high ceiling in your condo, make use of the space available on the wall. Build a shelf into the wall to store stuff like books, photographs, cosmetics or even a television. If your condo lacks storage, wall cabinets can be of great help.

Whatever be the reason behind carrying out a renovation of your condo: adding a fresh zest of life to the old and dull interiors or adding up more space for your kids to move around, the above mentioned tips will be of huge help if followed in letter and spirit.
It stands for a fact that in order to carry out above mentioned renovation ideas, you require someone who has experience in condominium renovation so that you do not come across a situation when you do not know where to go next. Condo renovation not only needs expert hands but also expert brains that can solve the space constraints that your unit throws at you.
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