How Make Your Home Look Stylish

A stylish home is like your best pair of jeans; faded, soft in the right places, it perfectly fits to your shape and you wear it with the best accessory and fabulous shoes. It is realistic and comfortable. You can live your entire life in it and it hold the daily wear and tear well. Above all, it has something special that makes you feel comfortable when in it and shows your personality and lifestyle.

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Building a stylish home for you and the entire family is a massive undertaking. After all, with all the time and money that is invested in building a stylish home, you only hope is that you will stay in the house for a long period of time.

The main aspect to give consideration when building a home is the interior design features. There are many different ideas and concepts that you can choose but knowing what exactly will make your home look stylish is something that you should keep in mind.

Investing in the simple yet unique features such as the base color scheme in the home is one of the best way that you can avoid complications, a low key home color allows you to emphasize on other aspects of the home. You should make your home both livable and stylish and it is possible to have just the right balance of both function and style in a home.

When embarking on a home design project, the main thing that you should do is figure out how you want the house to work for you and the entire family. If you have a young and a busy family with pets, then avoid having things which are too bright in the house unless the fabrics are stain resistant.

You will always find the right style and mix that you are looking for just ensure that you think carefully about your designs. If the family is large and mostly spend their time in the family room or the kitchen then you will need a spacious family room and kitchen to accommodate them. If you are a retired couple that loves entertainment and cooking, then you will need beautiful kitchen appliances and an entertainment room.

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You should know what will make a sense of style in your home, therefore, do not just choose the fabrics, colors or materials just because they look nice but will not work for your family, pets and children. Be realistic about what you cannot live without and what you can live with because there are things that may look stylish but they are not practical at all example you may love the look of white Carrara marble countertops but they are very stressful when used in busy kitchen as they easily stain. You do not want to always stress about stains or telling the kids not to touch the counters with soiled hands.

This does not mean if you have a busy lifestyle with pets and kids, you cannot have a stylish home, you can still get durable and great looking fabric that can handle wear and tear as well as stains some made of even Teflon. However, you might need to pay a little more for high performing material that is also stylish. You can be smart about this, when you get a light colored sofa, get a slip cover of a darker shade and with a washable fabric.

Think about your choices carefully and go for the most durable material that you can find.

Home decorating tips to make it stylish

If your home is already built but you still feel like it is missing something that you cannot tell, it is time to add some style to it. The following are tips on how you can make your home more stylish:

· Accessorize
Accessories makes any room look more complete. Without them, a space may feel boring without a personal touch. After purchasing the main furniture, choose accessories to give the room a sense of style and personality. You can top the sofas with throw pillows, fill the shelves with books or set candles or small bowls on a unique table. You can choose any accessory, just ensure that you love them.

· Create an element of surprise
No matter the style you want in any room, ensure that you create a wow moment. This can be achieved by either painting the room in a color that pops, having a bold artwork or integrating a fascinating piece. You can even arrange the furniture in a unique and unusual way.

· Show off the assets in the house
Before painting or purchasing nay pieces of furniture, figure out which is best and decide how best you can showcase them. If the home has a beautiful parquet floors, you will want a small carpet instead of one that will completely cover the floor. How about if you have an ocean view, do not have window treatments and have the floor to ceiling windows with the bed beside them so that look at the stars in the night. Such choices helps to highlight the unique features in the home.

· Have a color palette
No matter the style that you want to achieve for your home, you should plan your color in advance as it plays an integral role. Even if you choose white for your walls, you should check how your furniture works with the color. Use color that creates a cohesion with the accessories used in the room.

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· Have a rare piece in every room
The rare pieces in a room are essential to make a room stand out and show off your personality. Whether you choose an antique bust, handmade textile or 19th century furniture, they will make the space look stylish instantly.

· Have an original art
There are many original pieces of art in the market but nothing beats an original piece of art. Whether it is a piece of art that you have commissioned or a cocktail napkin that you have framed, it gives the guest a sense of your style and what you love.

· Make stylish lighting choices
Most people always find themselves living for years without changing the lighting fixtures but installing new chandelier should be your first to do list if you want a stylish home. Make thoughtful lighting choices depending on your furniture and other decorative features.



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