What Are The Best Kept Secrets About Home Design?

Regardless of whether you have lived in your home for a few months or decades, you need to change your home design from time to time. The changes that you make to your environment encompass both the internal décor and the external surroundings to your home. Since our lives change with every single passing day, concerted efforts should be placed in reflecting these changes in our homes. Home design is often tricky, and it ranges from simple undertakings such as adding accessories to complex things such as an entire facelift of the home. The changes that you make to your home are largely dependent on your tastes and preferences. Below are some best-kept secrets about home design that can go a long way to transforming your home to reflect your personality.

 Home Design

• Rules can be broken

Well, who says that you have to adhere strictly to design rules all the time? If everyone were to follow a similar home design manual, then we will all end up with homes that are identical in every aspect. As you may have guessed, it makes the process boring, in the long run. The good news, however, is that rules are meant to be broken. Most designers would rather have a home that reflects their personality and desires in terms of color rather than sticking to a single look or a conventional style.You need to write down or collect ideas for your home and communicate them effectively to your designer. Also, keep in mind breaking all the rules of design comes with a consequence. The interior look of the home will either be too distracting or too stale and boring for everyone including yourself. So, it is highly advisable that you strike a balance between the two.

• Do not push furniture to the walls

Every designer has this trick up on their sleeve. Whereas they may never disclose this to you, a seating arrangement that is slightly a distance away from the wall is beneficial for you. This is because it instantly creates flow and warms up a room. Every design trick has its limits. In this case, do not leave a large distance between the furniture and the wall. A few inches from the wall just works fine for you. As a general rule, use your reasoning to ascertain whether it resonates with your needs and the interior space.
Your home should represent your interests and the passion of those who live in it. Additionally, it must not be too serious but it should exude a good feeling and give the world an idea of the owner’s world.

• The ceiling: Always look up for inspiration

Never leave out the ceiling. Often, the ceiling is a space that is most neglected in home design. Typically, the walls come first in most people’s minds followed by the floor and finally the furniture. The ceiling is rarely considered or is just taken for granted. The overhead ceiling is equally as important as any other part of the room and has an effect on the general outlook of the room.
A nicely done ceiling that is colored, say gold, helps to reflect light coming in from the windows. Through this illumination, a certain depth and warmth is added to the room making it lovely and whimsy.

 Home Design

• Color variations keep the room engaging

Another rule of the design game says that you must be playful with color. For some unknown reason, most people fear painting their walls with bright colors. If this is the case with you, there are other ways to go about this fear. Use brightly colored accessories’ that add a youthful look to your interior. Items such as vases, pillows, blankets and paintings are an avenue for you to get creative with color. An excellent way to go about this is to do it in steps. Start with a colorful lamp, and then proceed to a blanket, a vase and finally move on to large areas. Color affects the outlook of your living space and can easily transform your house into a happy and sultry environment.

• The wallpaper: use it in the most unexpected places

Unexpected encounters make for the best thrilling experiences. Needless to say, you can use this trick to lighten up the mood of your guests. The wallpaper can be used in almost all spaces that you want in the house. However, you want to make the best out of certain places and, therefore, you will not use it everywhere. Start with the closets, ceiling, paneled rooms and hallways.
An ideal case where you can use the wallpaper to make your house stand out is by using the colored wallpaper in the ceiling of your dining area. Proceed to the hallway where it has to be completely white and then make a stairwell that is unexpectedly colorful. For your white bedroom, you can add colored patterned wallpaper to your closet. Nicely done wallpaper can be very instrumental in making the room playful, yet beautiful and elegant.

• Make internal décor your story

Ever thought of using your history to add beauty to home design? Well, your experiences should be reflected in the design and decoration of the rooms. Think about it, the only things that make your home unique to you are those things that are sentimental to you. Make your life story show in what you have in your home regardless of whether it’s your achievements, personality or adventures. Add a mix of both new and old accessories to the house. Every person has a past which is a story and a future which is your ambitions; make the journey the beauty of the home.

• Home design is not a marriage, don’t commit for life

Realistically speaking, people never have enough fun with home design. It does not have to be that serious. Be eager to experiment with something new for after a short while, you will be changing it. You see, the walls can always be repainted and the furniture can always be rearranged. Start small then move on to bigger changes. As you may have noticed, this discussion of home design revolves around fun and personality. Keep in mind that however fun-loving you are, never overdo the walls, furniture and the lampshades otherwise, the room will end up being too distracting for the eye.
The list presented above is just but a few of killer secrets of home design. Are you pumped up enough to get down and make your home your personal statement? When are you starting? It is crucial that your soul is reflected in your room design.


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